Windows Live Spaces will be outsourced to WordPress

Microsoft has Window Live Spaces which is basically a blogging platform very similar to Google’s or Live Spaces has not really caught the imagination of the blogging world. I guess Microsoft has realized that and decided to outsource Live Spaces to

This basically means if you sign-up to Live Spaces you will be redirected to sign-up with

This was announced at the Techcrunch Disrupt Event.

What it means for Live Spaces user?

I think this is a very good step by Microsoft as it is better for them not to keep competing in areas they are completely lagging behind. On the other hand Live Writer is a fantastic blogging tool and anyone creating a blog from there will now be directed to Obviously that is good news for the WordPress community.

This transfer will be done between Microsoft and Automattic. According to Automattic this is not a financial deal.

What are your views on this development? Do you think will benefit anything more than just more users from Live Spaces? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Techcrunch

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