YouTube is 5 years old: Watch the first video uploaded on YouTube

You Tube has turned five years old. It all started on 23rd April 2005 when the first You Tube video was loaded. It was a innocuous video upload called ‘Me at the Zoo’. The website URL was registered in January 2005 but development started over the months and first video uploaded was on 23rd April of the same year. The official launch of You Tube was in October 2005.

Some interesting statistics of You Tube over the last 5 years

  • You Tube after its official launch had over 65,000 videos being uploaded and over 100 millions video views every day by June 2006.
  • You Tube consumed more bandwidth alone in 2007 than the entire Internet did for the year 2000.
  • When Google bought You Tube in 20o6 October it was valued at 1.65 $ Billion.
  • Today You Tube widely gets 1 billion views per day!

Below is the first video uploaded to You Tube. The video where it all started.

Here is wishing You Tube a happy birthday. Do share your favorite You Tube moment with us through your comments.

5 Replies to “YouTube is 5 years old: Watch the first video uploaded on YouTube”

  1. Bro just a correction – Youtube’s official ‘birthday’ is February 14, 2005 not 23rd April. 23rd was the day when first video was uploaded at it. 🙂

    1. I did mention that in the post that the site was under development and first video was posted on April 23rd

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