YouTube’s Indian Version Is Not Desi Enough!

YouTube launched an Indian version of their site last week. Our reader Adi, wanted to read our review about YouTube-India.

YouTube India First thing, I noticed, if you are opening YouTube from India, you get redirected to Indian version of site at You can note Indian flag in top-right corner. Just in-case, if you wanted to go for global version, you can click on Site link. It will show all available YouTube versions.

Now about thing that gets changed…

Main difference, I noted in featured videos. As shown below Indian version of YouTube show more desi videos…

YouTube India - Featured Post

Rest Promoted Videos are not much different. And there are no extra or special feature in YouTube India.

In past, it was never a problem while searching a latest Indian content on YouTube. Be it latest bollywood movie songs or IPL cricket matches, YouTube always returned results. It looks more like a commercial decision taken by Google, the parent company behind YouTube.

Anyway in future, Google may consider making YouTube little more desi by adding support for Indian languages and giving higher priority to Indian videos when something search on YouTube India.

Link: YouTube India

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  • adi

    “Our reader Adi, wanted to read our review about YouTube-India.”

    oooooohhhhh ! thanks yaar :) thanks for considering my demand :)

    and u mentioned my name also !!! oooooooh !now i am feeeling like the man in that LIC ad… u know,, he demands a tea and hotel owner says “chaay mein doodh jaasti Daalanaa…biscuit free denaa…” lol lol

    thanks again :) bychance i just peeped into workshop (i told naa my exams heading near :( )… and got surprise :) lol

    • Rahul Bansal

      Actually YouTube India did not excite me enough to review it when it launched.
      I wrote this post only after reading your mail, so I thought making it clear :-)

  • Parvati


    Please also check this one

    A ‘desi’ version of “Youtube”! –

    Let me know your comments.


    • Rahul Bansal

      Nice article. :-)

  • Amit

    Looks like there’s a new player in the game:

    When I first saw it… looked very unique comparing to any other Indian Sites mentioned above. Its a combo of MySpace + FaceBook User profiles, videos, photos and music.

    Just thought I would mention it here. As I really like the site.

    • Rahul Bansal

      Yeah its really nice… :-)