WordPress 3.0 Gives URL Shortener Under your Domain Name

We have already seen many articles on Internet for getting URL shortener under your domain name. One major benefit for the same is branding, in WordPress 3.0, WordPress team has taken care of this. When you upgrade to WordPress 3.0, you can click on Get shortlink from dashboard to get URL shortener under your domain […]

How to Upgrade WordPress to WordPress 3.0

We just informed you about WordPress 3.0 final release and now it’s time to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. We will be coming up with lots of tricks and hacks related to WordPress 3.0, but before that lets update our blog to latest WordPress 3.0. Make sure you take a complete backup of your […]

Twitter Started Promoting Tweets in Trending Topics: Screenshot

Twitter advertisement has been talked a lot in the past and finally today you can notice the trending promoted topic inside your twitter homepage. At this moment Toy story 3 is showing as promoted. Here is a screenshot proof for the same: Once you will click on this promoted trending topic, you will be taken […]

Like Button Added to Facebook Comments

This has been one of the most requested feature by Facebook users and finally Facebook has added a like button for commentators on any post. Now you can simply click on like on any comments added by any oen status update and this way you can easily fin popular comments into any one status update. Specially for […]

Teacher Nearly Kills a Boy [Facebook Spam]

In recent some incidents Facebook is highly targeted by spammers like sexiest video ever spam in recent days. These days another spam message saying “Teacher nearly kills a 13 year old boy” or “See the Shocking video, Teacher nearly kills a boy” Spam is spreading like viral.  When ever some one click on the video link to […]

Become Facebook Beta Tester and Fly to California

Facebook is introducing lots of changes and new features around Facebook. As it is we are expecting lots of new products/features via Facebook using Facebook domain. As announced by  Facebook they are working on a new product for which they are inviting beta testers outside of Facebook team. This is an excerpt from official page: […]

FIFA WorldCup 2010 WordPress plugin for Match Schedule and Live Scorecard

Every one around the globe is talking about FIFA world cup 2010 and how can we miss without any plugin in this occasion for WordPress.  Here is a wordpress plugin which you can use on your blog to show FIFA world cup live match score and Schedule. You can Show the World cup 2010 schedule […]

Devil’s Workshop Monthly Traffic Report: May 2010

Like every month we are sharing our Monthly traffic report here at Devils’ workshop and it’s always help us to motivate to do better. This month our traffic has increased by few thousands visits and we have increased the frequency and quality of our articles. More over guest bloggers started taking more interest and if […]

WordPress 3.0 Twenty Ten Customization Tips

WordPress is going to make live Twenty Ten live with the release of WordPress 3.0, though you can still get a glimpse of Twenty ten theme on your self hosted WordPress blog by using WordPress 3.0 Rc1. For people who are looking forward to use Twenty ten theme on their blog, they will find this video by […]