WordPress Theme Developer: Download Theme Development Checklist

In our Lab, we build lots of WordPress themes on regular basis and following the WordPress theme standard is very necessary. WordPress codex have a checklist for the same but it’s not in organized form. Cadoo of Chitich.com has come up with a .pdf version of WordPress Theme development checklist which I believe every theme developer should download. […]

Secure Google Search: Now use Https While Searching

Facebook is always in news because of user privacy and another concern which keeps users in dilemma is security. We use lots of anti-viruses, Spywares and tips and tricks to keep ourselves secure. But the shortest way to keep secure is by using encrypted connecting like using https connection. This is one of the reason […]

Convert Google Doodle Pacman into multi-Player Game

We just informed you about today’s Google doodle Pacman. Now here is a quick tip shared by Himanshu on getting lady Pacman into this game. Here is a quick post on converting your single player Pacman into Multi-player Pacman. You will be using keys ASDW to change directions. To get started with multi-player Pacman, hit On […]

Pakistan Blocked Twitter, Youtube, Wiki After Facebook

Coupe of days back Pakistan banned Facebook because few people created a page by the name of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and users were uploading images of Prophet Mohammad which is not allowed in Islam. For full coverage, head over to our Facebook news Blog. Seems like Facebook is not the end of this internet […]

3 Working Ways To Access Blocked Facebook in Pakistan

Earlier we informed you that Facebook was banned in Pakistan and I’m sure users from Pakistan are missing surfing on their favorite social networking websites. Here I’m sharing few ways by which they can access Facebook in Pakistan. Proxy sites : Proxy Sites are easiest way to gain access to Facebook. You can easily use […]

Facebook Banned in Pakistan

In a sad news Facebook is banned in Pakistan as ordered by Pakistan government. Pakistani government issued a notice to Internet providers to ban Facebook. This ban was a result of a Fan page in Facebook which is letting users to upload images of Prophet Muhammad. As Islam prohibits any images of Prophet Muhammad, after few islamic lawyers won […]

Facebook Like Button WordPress Plugin: Quickly Add Fb Like Button

Few days back facebook released a new feature name as Facebook like. This Facebook like button will let your reader quickly up vote (like) and of your post and it will be shared on his facebook wall. Since Facebook and twitter are one of the best way to drive traffic, I recommend you should add […]