Firefox plugin to measure height and width: MeasureIt

Measure It is a Firefox plugin which will help you to measure the height and width of any element of a page. This tool is very useful for bloggers and web developers to see the exact dimension of any element or block on a web page.

Bloggers can take help of this tool to set the alignment of their web pages.

Importance of Social Media to Build Traffic

Importance of  Social media role on building traffic cannot be denied. Most of the top SEO experts and webmasters always emphasize on targeting social media for traffic building. The major websites that plays a considerable role on building great amount of Traffic are Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit and Twitter. The most common thing about these […]

Test Effectiveness of Your Antivirus using EICAR String

We have seen many posts on the anti virus and people always give their opinion about there choice of the best anti virus. Though I have not seen anyone talking about method to check the effectiveness of your anti virus. The best way to check the effectiveness is by getting some file from some infected […]