5 deadly SEO link building mistakes that you must know to build a better blog

Google is looking at us and penalizing link spammers. Is your website in danger of being blacklisted and banned from Google for link spam? Yes, No, Maybe??? If you’re not 100% sure. Read the post below…… SEO link building is now one of the most done activity in any business/blog. The simple logic here is […]

How to try Microsoft Office Web Apps immediately?

I think everybody here has heard about Microsoft Office Web Apps. If not? then see this little video. Microsoft Office Web Apps is a free online version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the OneNote Web App. With Microsoft Office web apps, you can edit any document from you computer and as […]

Three silly mistakes to avoid while writing an article

Hi! Today I am going to share my views on “Three Silly mistakes done by blogger’s while they write an article”. Incorrect Hyper-linking The most seen mistake which annoys the visitors is incorrect URL linking. I will show your the best example for it. Here If I keep my cursor on GoDaddy it shows me […]

How to avoid Google from banning your website?

The saddest day for a webmaster is the day you wake up and find that your website isn’t showing anymore in Google… that you have been a victim of a Google Ban.

This is the worst thing that can happen to your website, especially if you are running a business or a blog through your site.

How To Optimize Your Website For Printers Using A Separate Stylesheet

First of all I would like to explain what I mean by Optimizing a website for Printing using following screenshot. Optimizing a website for printing means removing the extra stuff like logos, forms, navigation links, advertising, blog rolls, flash widgets, etc from the website while printing and give a clean preview of your website. We […]