Use Google search for FIFA World Cup results

Google started to show a special OneBox for the FIFA World Cup, the international football tournament that started on Friday in South Africa. If you search for “world cup” or ” Fifa World Cup”, you can see a list of the teams and the upcoming matches. At the bottom of the page, Google has replaced […]

How to Customize Google Search Background

There has been an announcement of launching Customized Google Background option throughout the net. We are happy to announce its launch in India. Today, Google came up with custom background option in Google Search. I’m really impressed with the addon and hope that every googler will like it. Previously, it narrowed its gap with Yahoo […]

Biggest Technical Security Conference By Blackhat

A biggest technical conference is going to be held on this month in America and Europe. The event is organised by Black Hat and sponsored by big giants like Microsoft etc.

The Black Hat Briefings are a series of highly technical information security conferences that bring together thought leaders from all facets of the infosec world – from the corporate and government sectors to academic and even underground researchers.