JDownloader – All in one download manager for Linux

I have been using Ubuntu for few years and was searching for a feature-rich download manager for years. Recently, I came across the best platform independent, all-in-one open source download manager named JDownloader which has attractive features, which substitutes the popular Internet Download (Manager for Windows) in most of it’s features. Platform independent. (Windows, Linux, Mac, […]

Neembuu Uploader: An Open-Source Batch Uploader Application for File Sharing Sites

I have been an hard core Linux user and was searching for a better open source application which uploads files present in my Laptop. I found this application very handy and it’s look, feel, performance along with speed are seriously mind-blowing. It has been developed by Vigneshwaran. Neembuu Uploader is a batch uploader application that […]

Twilk – Put your Twitter followers on your Twitter background

Reward your followers by putting them on your Twitter background. Twilk makes this super easy and even sorts them based on how much you mention them in your Twitter feed.

Twilk takes your Twitter followers’ profile photos and puts them on your Twitter background.

How to Login as a root user in Ubuntu 10.04

The following steps are very simple and especially for newbies who are completely new to Linux. 🙂 By logging in as root user, you are making your operating system more vulnerable. Root user has all the administrator privileges so whenever you need to edit system files or configuration from within Gnome, you will feel the need to login […]

How to configure Microphone in Ubuntu 10.04 and Skype

Lately I have formatted my PC and revamped with the latest Ubuntu 10.04 and it took some time anda effort to make sure my Microphone was working in Ubuntu. Here’s how I did it, based on referring several sources and forums on the internet. Almost all users must have had problems in setting up microphone […]

JJSplit: Free Opensource alternative for HJSplit

I’ve been using Linux for some months and was searching through the synaptic Package Manager and cannot find an equivalent Utility to HJ Split. The Linux version of HJ Split was not very effective and I went through many forums and posts. Got some results but not really satisfied! I wondered if I’m just not using the right search […]