Free GPS on your phone – Waze

People in India have a tough time overcoming traffic everyday, as they are hardly aware of alternative routes, intensity of traffic in a particular area, roadworks, etc. Waze is a free mobile application which has been in existence over a year now and a very few smart phone users in India are seen using it. […]

Adam Tablet to be Released by Christmas

The Pro-Devil Aditya Kane had written an article about the Notion Ink Adam in Feb 2010 and since then the ‘Desi’ tablet has come a long way. The Notion Ink Adam was slated for release in April 2010, which then got delayed to August and finally to November, and yet the huge community of Adam-lovers has […]

Top 5 websites for converting YouTube videos to MP3

Yea you read it write. Its easy and free ! We have seen previous posts on DW about how to download videos from various sources. But sometimes its just the song,lecture or a speech that you want, which you can put into your iPod, music player etc. The following websites provide the free service of […]