Diffrence Between Actual “Size” and “Size On Disk”

Many of you might have noticed that while you see the properties of some folder their are two sizes shown over there in properties window. Those sizes are labeled as “Size” & “Size on disk”. You can also notice that size on disk is always greater than actual size. So, here is the explanation of these two terms.

Extract Audio from Video [Free Windows Software]

If you are wondering that how you can extract audio track from a video file, then here is a way that you can use to get your videos to be converted to an audio format. We often find music tracks we like on YouTube. Many time we are just interested in audio part of such […]

Share Information Using Google Noticeboard

Google Notice board is another new service from Google Labs India, started from 6 March 2009. It is just a kind of digital notice board. Using this Google service one can create and share text and voice messages on Google Notice Board. Google notice board comes as a Firefox extension and requires it to be […]

Get your Home’s Exact Geographic Co-Ordinate

Now you can get Latitude and Longitude of any place on this Earth by using Wikimapia, which is an online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Map to view whole Earth without any need of Installing any Software. Its very easy to get any position’s Exact Latitude and Longitude using Wikimapia, and its […]

Ever wondered about “autorun.inf” file in CDs/Pen Drives!

While opening some optical drives (CDs) or pen drives you might have noticed that they contain autorun.inf file in it. Some people assume that it is some Virus/Malware which might infect their computer. But actually autorun.inf is just a script for invoking any event when some CD or Pen Drive is Inserted in PC. This […]