YouTube Allow Adding Subscribe and Share Buttons on Embedded Videos

YouTube is the king of online  videos with more than 48 hours of videos uploaded every hours,  recently it  has crossed 4 billions of views in a day. YouTube has great feature of embedding the videos on any Website or Blog, this help in promotion of videos as well as retention of users on the […]

Top 10 Ways People Are Scammed! [Infographic]

The internet is full of the websites that cheat users by getting the user’s valuable information and selling them to third parties. It is not easy to predict which site might be scamming you. But most scams are quite simple and obvious. This list compiled by Better Business Bureau shows how even though most poeple are aware […]

5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser. Its clean user-interface, speed, instant page loading, a lots of apps and extension etc make it a browser to reckon with. Chrome Apps give a different angle to the browser and one of my favourite ways to unwind is to play games on Chrome. I am sharing 5 games that […]

Apple Beats Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music

Apple and Google might be rivals in the mobile market with iPhone and Android respectively. But now this rivalry is moving online. The battle is over”Cloud Music”  the online music store. Apple has completed the work for an online cloud music storage service and is all set to launch it ahead of Google. Though both […]