DocsPal: Convert and View Files in Any Format Easily

DocsPal is a free online file converter and viewer that supports a variety of image formats, documents formats including achieves, PDF, PowerPoint, Doc, Docx, Xls, open office documents and many other file formats to be converted from one format to other. With no registration required at any point, the conversion is a three-step simple process.

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With a simple user interface, you need to upload the file from your computer, choose the original format of the uploaded file and choose the desired file format in the next column and click convert to obtain the file in the format of your choice! You can choose to send the download link to your email id or download after the conversion from their server.

File viewer is yet another feature on Docs Pal, where you can view the on your computer by uploading them to Docs Pal. This feature can be of great use for the unsupported file formats on your system or, if you do not want to convert a file, you can view it directly on their website.

You are allowed to convert a maximum of 5 files at a time. Maximum file size of 20 MB is allowed. Currently in its beta, Docs Pal is a very useful and document friendly web service.

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After Pakistan, Bangladesh Lifts Facebook Ban

Following the footsteps of authorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has also lifted the ban imposed on Facebook nearly a week ago. Similar to what happened in Pakistan, a number of protesters were seen on the streets in Bangladesh in last week of may, protesting against the “Everyone Draw Mohammad” day organized by a group of Facebook users.

The objectionable content might have hurt the feelings of many people who saw or heard about it, and in-turn forced the Bangladesh government to order a Ban on the much famous social networking website.

Bangladesh Telecommunication officials said that they have restored access to Facebook in Bangladesh after the US-based social networking website agreed to remove objectionable images from their website. This step came as a relief to Facebook fans in Bangladesh, as it became hugely popular among the people.

via: BBC

What measures would you suggest to keep a check on the defaulters, to avoid such embarrassing moments?

Move any Program to System Tray with TrayIt!

When you have a number of programs running on your system for most part of the day, that surely doesn’t mean that you are working only on those programs throughout, rather they will stay idle for most part of the day, and you will need them only when you need to perform a related task. This increases the number of tabs in the taskbar and the amount of space the programs occupy is annoying!

TrayIt! is a handy tool that lets you organize your taskbar by providing you the functionality to choose the programs which you like to place in system tray. The app is made to place the minimized background programs on your system on to the system tray, where it takes the form of a small icon as in the screenshot above.

To put a program into system tray, right-click on the minimize button on the program and select “Place in System Tray“.

Another way to move the program to system tray is by directly selecting the program from the TrayIt application interface and then clicking on “Place in System Tray” button.

TrayIt also allows you to group similar programs together even in the system tray. When two or more similar programs are minimized to tray, then it creates a single icon for both of them. This will prevent the overuse of tray also.

Some of the other programs related features include – permanently keeping the program in system tray, hiding the program from system tray also, and some customizations related to TrayIt application itself. This is the simplest way to switch in between programs yet keeping the taskbar clean! Simply download it from the link below, extract it in the folder of your choice, and keep your taskbar neat! TrayIt! runs on Windows 95/98/Me, NT/2000/XP only.

Download: TrayIt!

Do you know any other application that performs similar task?

Boost your Productivity with Split Screen on Google Chrome

Split Screen is an extension for google chrome that lets you browse two websites within a single tab of your browser. The extension splits your browser into two windows, where you can separately enter url’s and surf effectively. This extension can be really helpful on wide screen monitors, which will give you endless real world uses.

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Here is how the browser looks!

Some of you might think that you have a better option to switch tabs on your browser, but the extension can be really helpful in some cases when you want to compare two websites or results. Listed below are some of its uses:

  • Compare search results to two search engines side-by-side.
  • Surf one website till the other one is loading like a buffering video, rather than waiting or switching tabs to see whether the website has opened or not.
  • Comparing products on two websites.
  • And many more!

This extension will reduce the time you waste on one website till it is loading, and in turn will boost your productivity. But HTTPS sites don’t work with it. The extension provides you an additional functionality to split your browser tab vertically or horizontally.

Link: Split Screen

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Friends “You Both Follow” Feature Coming to Twitter

Twitter engineers are working twitter api to make the micro blogging website, a robust and flexible social networking tool for its users. As an initial step in this regard, twitter has started to roll out “You Both Follow” feature, to the users. We have already talked about the importance of this feature and along with the tools that allow you to see mutual followers on twitter.

Certainly, this was one of the features that twitter was missing and should have been introduced a some time ago, but as they say,”Better late, than never”, its good to have it for the expansion of Social Media. With “You both follow” feature, you can see the people that you and other twitter user have in common on the sidebar of the twitter page. This feature will be helpful in managing social connections on twitter, especially when you receive a new follower, and you wish to know how it came to know about you.

Do you have it?

Being in test mode, currently the feature is tested on 10 percent users only as revealed in a tweet by Nick Kallen, an engineer at Twitter. Third-party apps like Mutual Tweeps, ReFollow, Twitual, Twtfrnd already provide the feature to compare two twitter users based on their common followers. And, if you can’t wait to see what this feature is all about, then you must read: Browser Plugins to See Mutual Friends on twitter.

Let us know if you have “You both follow” enabled in your twitter account!?

via TechCrunch

Utilities to Turn Off your System Automatically

Those of you, who make full use of free internet hours late in the night or watch movies/listen to music late night or perform any other task on your system would not want your pc to be turned on all the time. To help you out, there are few utilities that automatically shut down the system after the completion of the task. Earlier we shared with you an easy way to Power-on and Shutdown your computer automatically.

Listed below are a few softwares to help you to turn off your pc even in your absence:


Kshutdown is a multi-platform utility that can be used to schedule system Shutdown for Windows/Linux/KDE. Set the date and time to whenever you want your system to turn-off automatically. Apart from shutdown, this utility also allows you to restart, hibernate, lock screen or logout.

For KDE users, it also comes with command line support, that can be used to turn off a particular program via the extras option.

Download link – KShutdown.

Slawdog Smart Shutdown

Slawdog Smart Shutdown allows you to perform various shut down operations manually and automatically. Using this software, you can log off, reboot, lock, turn off, hibernate, disconnect from the Internet or network, enter standby mode in Windows, and shut down/reboot computers in your network.

It is a free and commercially used utilities that can even detect the inactive systems for a specified period to force auto-shutdown. Slawdog Smart Shutdown is available for  all versions of Windows.

Download link – Slawdog Smart Shutdown

You can also download Slawdog Smart Shutdown LX with more features, the successor of the Slawdog Smart Shutdown.

Do you use any such utility to support your daily activities? Let us know.

List of Facebook Chat Emoticons to Spice up the Chat

Many of us use Facebook chat in order to chat with friends. However long you may talk, you just can’t spice it up without inserting smileys in-between, while chatting. Isn’t it true? Emoticons or smileys are the best way to express yourself, even when you are not in a mood to talk.

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Few days ago, we wrote about some commonly used abbreviations on facebook. With this post, you will get to know about all the official smileys that can be used on facebook chat to make it more interesting!

<image credit>

Listed below are the emoticons that can be used in Facebook chat:

Do you prefer to use emoticons while chatting? How many of them were known to you ?

Facebook Restored in Pakistan

Nearly two weeks after ordering Pakistan Telecommunications Authority(PTA) to Ban Facebook in Pakistan, Lahore High court has reversed its orders by lifting the temporary ban imposed on access to the social networking website. The ban came in as a result of the nation-wide protests in Pakistan due to Facebook event “Everyone Draw Mohammad Day” organized by a group of people on a community page.

In a statement, Justice Chaudhry told the court,“Restore Facebook. We don’t want to block access to information” .

Ban was lifted this morning after assurance from the government that they will soon develop a system that blocks offending images, referring to it as “blasphemous material” from the internet, that arouse resentment among the people and brought them on to the streets. Similar to blocking of un-islamic content from you-tube that was un-banned last week, after similar orders from the court.

Yesterday, Facebook was also Banned in Bangladesh due to the offending images from the page as a result of the contest, which led to on-street protest in the country. After the orders from Pakistan High court, we expect that the ban will soon be uplifted in Bangladesh also.

Link: The US Daily

Selective Syncing now on Dropbox [Experimental]

Note: Selective Sync is avaliable with Dropbox 1.0 RC version and is quite stable. Read about it here.

Dropbox is set to bring Selective Syncing to its users in the upcoming stable build. Currently this feature is enabled in the latest experimental build only. Most of us are know about this excellent tool to sync files and folders across different computers. To know more about Dropbox, I suggest you to read:

What is Selective Sync?

Earliers builds of dropbox sync all your data uploaded to dropbox folder on one computer to the other computer. Selective sync lets you choose the folders you want to synchronize to your computer. In a way, it provides the users with greater control over what is sync’d from one computer to other. This feature can be useful when you have limited space available on your system where sync’ing is to be done! More about Selective Sync.

How to use Selective Sync?

Currently this feature is only available with the latest experimental build of dropbox. To use the feature, you need to download and install it on your computer where sync’ing is to be done. Download the experimental build for Windows/Mac/Linux.

After the installation, let dropbox index your files/folders and donot pause in between. Now, follow the steps:

  • Right click on dropbox notification icon, and select preferences.
  • Click on advanced tab and click Selective Sync button.

The list of folders in your dropbox folder will appear in a pop-up window. Uncheck the folder that you do not want to sync on your computer. When done, click ok! Unchecked folders will be removed from your hard-drive.

This way, you can simply sync selected folders with your computer. The experimental build has worked fine for me, on Windows xp as well as Linux 10.04. Download and give it a try! Or you can use stable builds of dropbox and wait for Selective Sync to come to the stable build.

Links: Dropbox Experimental build 0.8.64 | Dropbox Stable buildCreate an account.

Happy Sync’ing!

Firefox Home to Sync Desktop Browser with iPhone

In an effort to provide a personal Web experience with more user experience, Mozilla is all set to bring Firefox to iPhone.

According to Mozilla blog, we may not see Firefox as a web browser coming to iPhone due to some technical or privacy reasons, but this app called Firefox Home lets you sync your Firefox desktop client to take your Browser session with you.

The app is an outcome of Mozilla Labs project called Weave Sync for iPhone on which the developers have been working since January. Firefox Home provides iPhone users access to browsing history, bookmarks and tabs from their recent desktop browser session. This  gives Firefox desktop users an ability to “browse on the go” by choosing tabs from their desktop browser history.

If the submission and approval for the App is smooth, it is expected to reach the App Store next month. Opera joined the list of Web browsers on the app store few months ago. Firefox Home is expected to make life difficult for the Opera App, since the Web pages would open up in Safari itself, which is the default browser for the iPhone.
Check the preview below to know more about the App:

This app is not a complete Web browser, and is a clear indication of how Mozilla is shaping itself according to Apple’s rules, to bring the app to the store.

What do you think about the app? Let us know.