Google Chrome Stable Version for Mac and Linux Released

Google has finally released the first stable version for Linux and Mac users. Initially, Beta versions of both the operating systems were available for download since December, but the number of bugs and instability that the beta version brought with it almost made it impossible for the browsers to be used. And for those, who […]

PacMan Fever: How To Play Pacman Offline

With google introducing Pacman Doodle on its homepage, the game has once again gained popularity among people. Even some of our readers are Pacman fans, and want to play the game offline. In reply to our post- Google Doodle Presents Pacman, one of our readers had a question on making the game available offline. This […]

How to: Use Google SSL Search as Default Search Engine in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Google made it clear to the world that it cares for user security and privacy, by introducing SSL version of its search engine yesterday. It will prevent third parties from intercepting search terms and search results, as a result of the encrypted connection. Currently it is in its beta stage, but one can still make full use of it by using https everytime you perform a search on google.

And if you are too lazy, you can follow the steps below, to make Google SSL as your default search engine on Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. With this, everytime you perform a search through browser search box, it will be encrypted. Here we go:

Image Identification with TinEye – The Reverse Image Search Engine

Normally, we use keywords to search for the images in image search engines. The images that match with the keywords are displayed as results, and that’s all we are allowed to do. TinEye identifies the altered copies of the image on the web that might have been cropped, edited, or resized. TinEye uses image identification technology , rather than metadata or keywords, to identify similar images on the web

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp

Very often, we search for the lyrics of our favourite songs on web. To address the purpose there are many websites available, the list of which can simply be obtained via search engines. What if such a thing happens that every time you listen to your favourite songs, the lyrics are displayed besides the song […]

Upload and Share files with Facebook friends with DivShare

Many a times, we need to share or send some files to friends on Facebook. The files may be in form of a video, image, an audio file or some documents. Though, there are many hosting services available where you can upload the files and share link with your friends, but when such a service is available within Facebook, you don’t need to upload them anywhere else!

Divshare is such an application that lets you store files upto 5 gb and download upto 10 gb is allowed. You can upload images, videos, audio or documents upto 200 mb per file. And the app keeps a record of the files uploaded by you in a separate folder, which you can access directly through dashboard or sometimes using the User-ID provided by the app.

Take Full control of Files & Folders with Access Control Changer [Windows Freeware]

Access denied errors are quiet common when we try to access files or folders from one user account to the other on the same system or, when permissions for the folders are set set to disallow you to open some files or folders. Access Control Changer is a freeware utility that allows you to change file permissions of any file or folder allowing you to read-write, change or take full access over the file or folder.

Ghost Shuts Down Cloud Computing Against The Tide

One of the leading companies in cloud based computing, Ghost Inc better known as Global Hosted Operating SysTem has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, making use of this free service to host their files online and access them using an online operating system that can be accessed from any browser, anywhere! Early morning, i received an email from them stating that Ghost would be shutting down its free service. The news came as a shock for me as i have been using their service for more than a year now.