How to Open Full Screen Compose Box in Gmail as Default

One of the most annoying changes with Gmail has to be the compose mail pop-up box, which floats at the corner of your screen. Google has included a full screen toggle button on the top of the compose box. I personally like to compose mail on a full screen rather than rolling my eyes over to the left corner of my screen every time to see whether I’m typing correctly. I also found it a bit annoying to click the full-screen toggle button every time I compose a e-mail.

Fortunately, It’s very easy to make the full screen compose as a default setting

How it works:

Compose a new mail and the usual compose box would pop-up

CheckClick on the little arrow you will find in the lower left corner of the compose box. Then choose Default to full-screen

Bingo! Now every time you compose a mail you will get a full-screen compose box. If you want the newer compose box, then simply repeat the steps again.


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SharpKeys: Turn your Caps Lock key into a Google Search key.

From all the keys in our keyboard, not many users use the Caps Lock key as much. Hence, why not convert that into a much more useful key? With a application called SharpKeys we can do exactly that. For example, I have mapped the Caps Lock key into a Google Search key. So next time I want to use Google search, I simple click on the caps lock key.

SharpKeys Features

  • Download SharpKeys from the CodePlex and install it.
  • Click “Add” to start the remapping.  For the “FROM” key choose “Special:Caps Lock(00_3A)”
  • For the “TO” key, choose “Function: F10(00_44)”. We map it with F10 because this key is not exactly used a lot.


  • A message will be displayed of the successful change.


  • Restart your computer. Now you can check out that the caps lock key does not work anymore.
  • In your desktop, right-click and select New >> Shortcut.
  • Enter the location of new shortcut.


  • Choose a name for your shortcut. The name does not matter in the actual process.


  • A new icon will be created in your desktop. Right-click and select “Properties”.
  • Type F10 in Shortcut Key box, click “Apply” and then “OK”.


Press the caps lock key and Google search will open. The caps lock key is no more used. The majority of the users do not really use that key and so turning this into a more useful key will help with productivity.

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Link: SharpKeys


How to Encrypt Your Phone Data on Android

If your phone falls into the wrong hands, unless your phone is protected by some kind of lock such as a pattern or password, it will be very easy for that person to make use of your data. They will easily be able to access your email accounts, social networking sites, make purchases etc.

A screen lock is surely the first step but that’s hardly going to put off a determined thief. The SD card could be removed or the phone could be connected to a computer and the data copied. Fortunately Android has an option to encrypt the data on your phone. Unfortunately this simple security tip is often overlooked.

Before you encrypt your phone

Be very sure before you start. Removing encryption will mean resetting the phone to factory settings.


Also remember to fully charge your phone. The encryption of your phone will take a couple of hours. Also do not use the phone while the encryption is taking place as it will erase some or all your data.

This feature is available from Android 2.3.4 onwards.

How to Encrypt your Android phone

  • Go to “Settings” and click on “Security”.


  • Go to “ENCRYPTION”


So now, if you have an SD card, you can either encrypt both or either one. I personally would suggest you move all your personal data to the SD card and encrypt that alone. This will help your phone regarding the speed issue. And if you are encrypting your phone, it’s necessary to set a password or pin.


After this, the encryption is ready to begin. Sit back and let your phone get secure.

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Notifycon: Shows Notification Count in Pinned Tabs with Chrome

Automatic notifiers are always welcome. Though you can pin tabs in Chrome, they don’t show the updates. We just use them for easy access to the sites.  But what if they offer the notifications as well? Wouldn’t that make things better? For just that reason, here is “Notifycon extension”.  It is a easy and simple extension in chrome that displays the notification counts in the pinned tabs of your Chrome.

How it works:

  • Install the Notifycon Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • After installation, You will be able to see a new icon on your browser’s toolbar.


  •  When you click on that, you will see a small pop-up stating that pin-up is necessary for the extension to work.

pin now

  • Click on the “pin now” button.
  • Once the site is pinned, you can see it in the left corner of the toolbar with the notification count.


Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more are supported. Now you will be immediately notified about new messages and notifications on the pinned tabs.

Chrome fans can also check out 6 ways to customize Chrome’s Startup page.

Do try out Notificycon and drop in your comments.

Link: Notifycon


AutomateIt: Set Rules/Triggers for Automating Tasks on Android

You might want your phone to go on vibrate mode or shutdown at a particular time every day. You might want to switch off your WIFI on the phone when you are in office. Such tasks on Android can be automated with app called Automate It.

Features of Automate It


  • The app is loaded with 6 default rules which can be customized.
  • New rules can be either created or searched from “Rules Market”.
  • One feature I liked in this app is the experimental Activity Recognition. If you set the trigger to switch off your WIFI in a car or switch it to silent or vibrate mode when you reach your office or college, it does happen but it definitely needs improvement as this fails to trigger sometimes.
  • Some stuff you can do with this app are set it up to send an automatic SMS on a specific day and time.

This works very well with the usual basic triggers and I have not been having any problems. The last thing to keep in mind is that there are two triggers that could drain your battery if not used properly – location and sensor triggers. Overall, this app is worth the download.

Video Demo of Automate It

Do try out Automate It and drop in your comments.

Link: Automate It