DestroyTwitter 2 is now available for download

You might have used many twitter clients for easy tweeting, one is Destroy Twitter. Today DestroyTwitter version 2 is released. It is powered by adobe air and works on all three platforms. DestroyTwitter 2 currently support only one Twitter account at a time though the developer has plans to add support for multiple accounts in […]

Share YouTube HD Videos in HD Format Quickly

YouTube has updated their sharing widget with providing some extra access to share YouTube videos directly in HD format. HD (high definition) has become the most famous nowadays and even mobile phone comes with HD video recording. Now YouTube offers quick access to sharing videos in HD format. On clicking the Share button, you can […]

Firefox 3.6.4 Adds Crash Protection & Fixes Vulnerabilities

The latest security and stability release for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 provides crash protection for Windows and Linux users by isolating third-party plugins when they crash. There are more than 400 million firefox users and this update fixes more than 225 bugs with crash protection technology from the Mozilla Lorentz Project. This crash protection works just […]

New Gmail Interface for iPad users

Google has unveiled their new Gmail interface for iPad users, taking their first step on Iterative Web App series which will continue to release features for Gmail for mobile. Now for iPad users the compose interface has been redesigned. Apple iPad users would now get an updated email compose screen which appears as an overlay […]

Facebook For iPhone adds New Features for Videos, Walls and Photos

Few weeks ago, Facebook has introduced mobile site, where facebook has partnership with mobile company operators and made the mobile site to access it for free. Now, Facebook has just released version 3.1.3, which adds a few new features that people have been asking for and also it would increase further accessing of facebook. […]

YouTube Introduces YouTube Video Editor

Back in 2007, YouTube launched a more advanced Flash-based video editor called YouTube Remixer, but it was discontinued. Today YouTube has launched the new YouTube Video Editor that lets you to create video mashups from the videos which you have uploaded to your account. YouTube Video Editor is a browser based video editor for your […]

Aviary Launches New Online Music Creator

You all might have knew, the Aviary Image Editor. Aviary image editor is one of the best online editors around the web. Recently they have changed from paid one to a fully free online application. The same company has launched the new online music creator tool. Aviary’s music creator turns anyone into a musician with […]