How to Use Twitter Videos from Official Twitter Youtube Channel

Twitter starts teaching simple basics of twitter like how to tweet, what is retweet, what is timeline etc. They have started making video tutorials to help the newbies on twitter. The recently launched Twitter help center has now some good howto videos on “What is Retweet?” “What is Following?” “What is a Timeline?” and “How […]

Report To Facebook When a Person is Dead

You all might have aware of the recent dubai-manglore flight tragedy which took off more than 160 lives. In that 160 people, I know Facebook and twitter profiles of the two people who died in the tragedy. When media and other websites published their Facebook profile link, people flood their comments on their Facebook wall […]

Google Releases Browser Add-ons to Disable Google Analytics Tracking

Google analytics is a popular service from Google to track visitors on a website. Many blogs and websites uses Google analytics to know about the visitors of a site, trending topics of that site, some data about the website etc. Till now, Google analytics haven’t recorded any personal information about the visitor but some people […]

Upload Multiple Files in Bulk to YouTube, Flickr, Rapidshare, Facebook, Picasa, Docs etc

Sometimes you want to upload lot of videos on YouTube or pictures to your favorite photo sharing sites like picasa or flickr. But they allow you to upload 1 file or a maximum of 10 files at a time and you’ve to wait before you can do the next upload, so batch uploading is the […]

ReclaimPrivacy : Scan Your Facebook Privacy Level Settings

Facebook has been playing around with some privacy settings and recently they had also introduced the new security feature which will alert you if some one tries to access your facebook account from someother computer device other than one which you use daily to login facebook. Today we have another online tool which scans your […]