3 Free Antivirus for Windows

Now a days, online threats have increased significantly. Hackers are trying hack your bank account passwords, email passwords and other valuable data from your system in search of something valuable. Unknown programs and websites shoot serious threats and definitely better Antivirus with an updated definition will control online threats. Here is the list of free Antivirus that have millions of users.

avg1. AVG

Avg has more 80 millions users and most popular downloaded Antivirus software in the world. Avg have real time safe browsing toolbar and installation is really easy. Avg compatible with windows XP and VISTA. This Antivius is only for home use not for commercial purpose.

Link: Free AVG

avira2. Avira

Another most famous award winning best free Antivirus program, for home users not for commercial program. New Avira Antivirus is launched with new self repair option. This is seriously faster than previous version and more safer and more faster updates.

Link: Free Avira

avast3. Avast Home Edition

Avast is also free to use but you need to register to get one year free key for avast. next year you can renew your key again. Avast provided definitely another better option for free users. One cool thing is you can get new skin for avast there are many themes available.

Link: Avast Home Edition

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9 Replies to “3 Free Antivirus for Windows”

  1. I like both avast and AVG,I used Avast. Presently using AVG free edition despite the fact AVG is not only antivirus anti-spyware is also inlcuded in it .

  2. Yes Venkat
    I dont like avast for its scanning speed for bigger files. Avast is really slow in scanning.

  3. Yes Venkat
    avg is quite good.
    I dont like avast for its scanning speed for bigger files. Avast is really slow in scanning.

  4. yes avg is good but sticky means sometime i won’t update sometimes it will show your pen drive with at least a thousand viruses and trojan and jam your sysytem memory well also the author missed very good anti viruses that are available free on net for example

    Pc tools threatfire

    bitdefender free version

    free avira

    Spyware terminator and i can mention few specific scanner well what i feel is that this article is incomplete.

    I see a decline a quality of articles that Dw is publishing these days.

  5. Well thanks for comment alok.

    i am afraid your computer is infected from viruses. when my laptop infected last week even bitdefender failed to remove threats.

    Avg, Avira and avast are most famous FREE program available online.

    because pctool threatfire my laptop crased once.i am fan of bitdefender and better option but update option disabled in bitdefender in last few days for bitdefender, so, i removed it.

    you will see great articles in future.

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