Devils Workshop started as a technology blog in June 2006 by Rahul Bansal (that’s me).

It received contributions from more than 100+ guest bloggers, and I thank all of them. I am grateful to my friends/colleagues Aditya Kane, Sauravjit Singh and Deepak Jain for helping this workshop run when I was busy with other stuff with my life.

Now the other stuff, rtCamp, the company I started back in 2009 has taken center-stage of my life; I could no longer keep this blog updated from last few years.

I may write some blog posts here as personal tech notes in future. The same reason why I started blogging in 2006!

I thank everyone related to DW for their love and support. ❤️ 🙏 🤗

  – Rahul Bansal (The Devil 😈 who started all this!)

p.s. You can visit my personal blog at rahul286.com or company website at rtcamp.com for recent updates in my life!