About Devils Workshop:

Devils Workshop started as a technology blog in June 2006 by Rahul Bansal, focusing on posts covering latest trends, news and analysis from the fields of internet, technology, social networking, computers and mobile. With his continued commitment, strong web analytic skill and business acumen of the internet and blogosphere economy, Rahul raised Devils workshop to be amongst the most visited blogs of India today.

Starting as a single author blog, Devils Workshop is now a community with 2 dedicated full time authors and 20+ guest authors. Devils Workshop has been noticed by A-list bloggers many times in the past.

Apart from quality news and analysis, Devils Workshop’s open-source scripts & services are also popular among social-network users and bloggers.

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About Devil(s):

Rahul Bansal(Founder & Admin)

Location: Pune, India
Email: rahul@devilsworkshop.org
Education: M.Tech. (Computer Engineering), College of Engineering, Pune
Current Status: Full-Time Blogger and Entrepreneur
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Aditya KaneΒ (Editor-in-Chief – rtBlogs Network)

Location: Pune, India
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
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Sauravjit Singh (Senior Editor – rtBlogs Network)

Location: New Delhi, India
Email: sauravjit.singh@rtcamp.com
Education: B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), IP University, Delhi
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Deepak Jain (Editor at Large)

Location: Odisha, India
Email: deepak.jain@rtcamp.com
Education: M.Com, M.B.A
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23 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Rahul,

    Its great to see someone with a great creative mind.
    as you have told “Empty mind is Devils Workshop!”
    but i think its not right, we all use this proverb.
    but when mind is empty its trully not devil’s
    there is no thought there at all. yes you can say
    when mind is not occupied with something like regular
    studies or something you do in routine, then u start
    thinking something devil. but when the mind is
    empty there is nothing in it.

    As you are from pune, so if you read osho or u already read his books, u will understand this

    Not giving u any advise. just writing u as friend.


    1. @Parminder
      Thank you buddy for all the time you gave to write this nice comment…
      I am follower of OSHO so I got what you want to say. πŸ™‚
      Its just long time back, I started this blog with evil intentions…
      I am not at all evil now… atleast on this blog! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for writing! πŸ™‚

  2. hi rahul,pani chala jayega(hope u remember the old as,we use to tease one of our friend with the same name),
    really a nice blog, would certainly be coming here more,

    1. @Punnet
      Every guest author have a dedicated page on DW.
      This is for permanent team of DW.

      By the way I will soon make necessary changes to introduce our new editor.

    1. @Jagmeet & Jannat
      Thanks buddy. πŸ™‚
      We hope to give you better content more frequently now! πŸ™‚

      Glad to read such a nice comment.
      Thanks for spending time to write something thoughtful… πŸ™‚

  3. Rahul, am a first time visitor to ur blog. Just thought will share something regarding the first post on this page, which was more than a year ago:

    I think it should be “idle” mind and not “empty”. We tend to do parallel translation of phrases from our native tongue to, mostly, English and that leads to such literal translation. Having said that, an idle mind is definitely a devil’s workship, there could be no doubt about it. So, it’s good to see that you have not let ur mind become one.

    Well done, and keep going!

  4. I want to start a career in blogging. I have already written a number of posts for my blog. But I don’t have a blog as of now. I understand after going through several posts in DevilsWorkshop that having a blogspot.com or wordpress.com address is not good for professional bloggers. I have a few questions to ask. Hope you will answer them for me.

    1) I am not clear about the domain service providers and web hosting services. Can you explain me (or direct me to a post) how should I search for one best suited for my needs ?

    2) Even blogger provides an option to use a custom domain. Does that mean we can buy a domain and host it for free on blogger ? If so, is there some drawback in using blogger as a hosting service ?

    3) Please refer me to some good domain providers and web hosting services.

    4) I have not much knowledge about SEO, coding etc. If I go for my own domain name and hosting service, will I face problem with customizing my template ? I am comfortable customizing a template in blogger. Will it be that simple ?

    Please reply asap. Can I mail you people if I have some further queries ?

  5. @Rahul Bansal

    Thanks Dear for your comment and work done by you till now. Just got to know that I became the subscriber of this blog somewhere in December 2007 (As per last mail, I could find in my inbox :P)

    Earlier, (for me at least) where it was all about Orkut Tips and Tricks, later it got converted into a versatile tech blog. I read every daily mail from yours and its worth it for sure.


    Keep up the good work man.

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