Facebook Testing new Notifications Feature

Have you noticed the notifications coming in a different way, lately. Well Facebook is testing such features off late.

Do you play Facebook games? Well what about those notifications? Well yes they are coming in a new way. Earlier there was one notification at a time, now it’s changed to many notifications together. That is if 5 friends have sent you a free gift on CityVille the notification is collected together and says

a,b and 3 other friends have sent you the gift at CityVille.

New notifications on Facebook

I am not sure if this is seen everywhere but it sure is changing the way we look at notifications. They are clutter free and good. How many of you have got such notifications ? Feel free to share your views for or against them through the comments below.

2 Replies to “Facebook Testing new Notifications Feature”

  1. Again m not lucky to get these new notifications yet 🙁 but ya few months before for 1-2 days I saw such fb notifications may b they were experimenting :/

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