How to crop your profile picture on Facebook

Unlike Orkut, you don’t have an option of cropping your profile picture directly while uploading a new pic. So the question is How to Crop a profile picture on Facebook then?

Well the answer is quite simple, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your profile page, click here to open it.
  2. Roll over your mouse cursor to your pic (or on blank pic if you are not using one right now) and click on change picture.
  3. Select upload a picture and upload a pic that you want to make your profile picture.
  4. After uploading you can see that picture as your profile pic.
  5. Now in your photos, go to profile pictures.
  6. Open the photo that you are using as your profile pic.
  7. Now find the option “Crop this Photo” below the pic and crop it. Finally click on “Done Cropping” and your cropped pic will be selected as your profile pic automatically.
  8. Your cropped picture will be your new profile pic leaving behind the original picture in your “Profile Picture”  album.


This is just in the case when you upload a new picture, else you will get an option of cropping if that pic is already in your albums.

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  1. I just took a pic with my webcam and then set it as my profile pic but my face is kind of out of the pic. but it wont let me crop it, i dont see any crop button. 🙁 Help!

  2. I just super-imposed a pic onto a background with a rainbow for my bookcover; but I want to eliminate the background of the pic that i super-imposed. I know i can just print out the super-imposed pic, then cut out the background, but is there a site in which i can do this?

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