What all IE9 still does not support?

Using W3C tests, IE9 RC (Internet Explorer) did try to prove its claim that it supports HTML 5 and CSS 3 almost 100%, but then HTML5Test and Caniuse did spoil the entire show. The score given by HTML5Test is definitely not so impressive for IE9 RC which awards Firefox 4 Beta with a score of 255 over 130 to the former.


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Few facts about IE9 RC (even with a 100% W3C score)


  • Dragging and dropping files from Desktop is not possible.
  • JavaScript Strict mode & offline application cache is not supported.
  • CSS3 transitions, Text Shadow, Gradients, Border Image & Flex box model does not work.
  • HTML5 History, ClassList & File API are not a reality yet.
  • SMIL animations (SVG), WebGL (3D) and FormData are not supported.


A review on IE9 RC [a true review]


Now let us see how IE 9 survives with Chromium 11 and Firefox 5 already into news. Do turn your thoughts to words, do share them!

2 Replies to “What all IE9 still does not support?”

  1. The real problem is the slow release cycle of IE.
    If IE 9.1,9.2 were coming soon, I would have forgiven Microsoft for the missing features and expected them to come in later releases.
    But the problem with IE is that it has only big jump releases every few years, the in the meantime only security fixes keep coming.

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