Remain Always Idle On Google Talk! [Free Download]

Google Talk is my favorite messenger like many of you and so my friend-list there is quite long. While I love to chat most of the times, I want some sort of privacy while developing codes. I can not sign out completely from messengers, as at times I need to communicate with many geeks for help. So I was one of the person who delighted when Gmail chat got invisible status. But to my surprise Google Talk is not yet updated. :-(

I personally prefer Google Talk over Gmail Chat so I googled for some solution and found a free software gAlwaysIdle which changes Google Talk context menu shown in screenshot below…


It basically adds a set of status options as you can see in above image!

As highlighted you can choose Always Idle if you are too busy at work. Many users will think that you are not at desk or something similar and thus won’t bother you. 😉

Also there is an exactly opposite option – **Never Idle. **In case you want to look always online no matter even if you forget to shut down your PC at night!

**Update: **Many user have reported that gAlwaysIdle original site is down from long time. You can download gAlwaysIdle from our server till then.

Links: **gAlwaysIdle Home | Download gAlwaysIdle Setup

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