How to crop your profile picture on Facebook

Unlike Orkut, you don’t have an option of cropping your profile picture directly while uploading a new pic. So the question is How to Crop a profile picture on Facebook then?

Well the answer is quite simple, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your profile page, click here to open it.
  2. Roll over your mouse cursor to your pic (or on blank pic if you are not using one right now) and click on change picture.
  3. Select upload a picture and upload a pic that you want to make your profile picture.
  4. After uploading you can see that picture as your profile pic.
  5. Now in your photos, go to profile pictures.
  6. Open the photo that you are using as your profile pic.
  7. Now find the option “Crop this Photo” below the pic and crop it. Finally click on “Done Cropping” and your cropped pic will be selected as your profile pic automatically.
  8. Your cropped picture will be your new profile pic leaving behind the original picture in your “Profile Picture”  album.


This is just in the case when you upload a new picture, else you will get an option of cropping if that pic is already in your albums.

How to create ‘Pages’ on Facebook

Facebook Pages‘ one of the best way of interacting with people or better we say other Facebook users who all are the fans of any particular thing which could be a local business, brand, product, organization, band, artist, film or any organization’s page. Everyone on Facebook loves to become a fan of random pages but do you know how to create a Facebook page?

Well check out the step by step tutorial given below to create a page on Facebook:

Step 1:

Find the “Create a page for my Business” link. To find that link just open any page ion Facebook and look at the bottom Left side of the page.

Create page(click to enlarge)

Easy Method(alternative): Just click here to start creating a Facebook page. 😉

Step 2:

Select the category of your page. For example if you like to create a page for your website then select the option ‘Website’ under ‘Brand, Product or Organisation’. Then enter the ‘Name of Website’, check ‘I am authorized to create this page’ box and enter your full name in ‘Electronic Signature’ box. Finally click on ‘Create Page’.

Step 2(click to enlarge)

Step 2a:

Now you will see a newly created page like this.

1 - Copy (2)(click to enlarge)

Step 3:

Now upload a picture for your page ( not mandatory). to upload a pic rollover the mouse on the blank picture and click on ‘Change Picture’. then select ‘Upload a Picture’ and select a pic from your desktop.

1 - Copy (3)(click to enlarge)

Step 4:(most important)

This is the most important step in the whole procedure. Find the link ‘Edit Page’ below your picture and click on that. After this you will see a new page, now find the link ‘Publish this Page‘ on the in red color on right hand side of that page and click on that. Now your page can be found publicly.

Page faceboo(click to enlarge)

That’s it, your new ‘Facebook Page’ is now created. Edit the information and suggest it to your friends to join (become a fan) it. 😀

For any further clarification just drop a comment below 🙂