Thinking of a new Facebook status idea for yourself?

imageYour daily search for a new Facebook status idea ends here. If you are a die-hard fan of Facebook and like to keep your network involved by posting interesting status updates every day, this one is for you.

FaceBookStatusIdeas is an interesting blog that features cute, original, funny and themed Facebook status ideas.

Few interesting Facebook status ideas from the blog:

  • …knows where you’re hiding
  • …wants you to recycle your Facebook page
  • …is hiding behind YOUR wall
  • …is refreshing….the computer screen
  • It takes 10 people to change a lightbulb because 9 of us are on Facebook
  • …is still trying to balance your coffee cup on my head
  • A Facebook friend of yours is almost a Facebook friend of mine
  • …is comparing apples to green apples

Though, the blog claims to provide some really cute, funny and original Facebook status ideas, I personally do not find them of real wit or humor. However, given that it is just a one month old blog, this appears to be a good attempt to begin with.

For the time being, I don’t see any harm in visiting the blog and finding a status message that you might like to use. Just be sure not to pick an idea which is commonly known already. It loses the charm.

Do tell us which one you liked the most from this blog.

Link: FacebookStatusIdeas

4 Replies to “Thinking of a new Facebook status idea for yourself?”

  1. Few mine:
    1) The status you are reading is no longer available.
    2) Facebook won’t be displaying what’s on your mind on the home page for you because you don’t have a mind. 😛
    3) Facebook has eaten this status message.
    4) Facebook’s databases are having problem because of this status message.
    5) Facebook will crash soon because of malicious code in this status.
    6) Facebook is now no longer accepting any status messages.

    Some are funny, some are not – I know 😛

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