Vote on Facebook’s Governing Documents Started

Facebook Site Governance Vote

Facebook’s privacy policy in last few months created lots of waves. Specially content ownership clause in their policy document resulted in many people deleting their Facebook account.

Facebook realized their mistake and retracted their policy document. Also, as a measure to stop users from deleting their account, they placed notification about their policy retraction on Facebook account deletion page. (source)

Facebook also created a dedicated page – Facebook Site Governance, where they keep user informed and involved about this whole process.

Now in order to further win their users confidence, Facebook started voting process where their user can vote on policy document which will govern use of Facebook’s service. This voting process will close on **April 23 at 11:59am PDT. **Facebook also published voting rules for this event.

So what will be you voting for exactly…

There is only question to vote for… “Which documents should govern the Facebook Site?”

And choices are…

  1. The proposed documents: Revised Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook Principles – 416/09 (These documents reflect comments from users and experts received during the 30-day comment period.)
  2. **Existing documents: **The current Terms of Use – 923/08 (This document was developed entirely by Facebook and does not reflect any third-party outside comments.)

Well reading all docs is too much work. But being a user, I have voted for “The Proposed Documents” which must be better as it has contribution from user community!

Below are poll stats after I submitted my vote…

Facebook Site Governance Vote on Facebook

**Link: **Vote on Facebook’s Governing Documents

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