Adding custom fields to WordPress media gallery upload

WordPress provides rich interface for adding images to gallery. These gallery images then can be inserted into posts. Further, different plugins are available to customize the end result of uploaded gallery images. But what if you want to have an additional custom field while uploading images to gallery, say link for the image being uploaded. WordPress has provided filters with the help of which we can achieve the same.

[Solved] WordPress Custom Post Type and 404 issue

WordPress posts and pages are stored in wp_posts table. You may wonder how it differentiates? The post_type column stores the value ‘post’ for post and ‘page’ for page. We can have our own custom post type also. For example if we add custom post type ‘portfolio’ then, what gets stored under post_type column is ‘portfolio’ […]

Using jQuery to Remove Hyperlinks from Dates in Comments Listing

Last time while developing a theme I had to do some customizations in Comments listing. As you all know we could achieve comments listing by two ways:
1. WordPress’s default comments listing function i.e wp_list_comments()
2. Passing a callback function to it by which you can override your comments layout.

HttpFox – a helpful Firefox Add-on for Debugging

Debugging had never been this easier like today. Different debugging tools and add-ons have really made programmers life easier. Let it be a Firebug, xDebug etc..

HttpFox is one of such add on which can potentially help you to debug your code. Especially in debugging a query string.