Twitter Trick – Download Any Twitter Background Image

Most of us use twitter for status updates. It’s a huge micro blogging website and it has changed the meaning of micro blogging. Now micro blogging is like fashion. If you are not using twitter, I think you are missing out on something. Today, I am going to write about a simple twitter trick. We […]

Make Twitter Better With PowerTwitter

Twitter is a huge website for micro blogging. Billions of people around the world use twitter via many applications. Today I am going to write about an Firefox addon which can make twitter better for you. Powertwitter makes twitter better with different browser addons. You can do lots of things with power twitter Firefox web […]

Icon Finder – Find the prefect Icon for your Blog / Website

Finding prefect icons for blogs, websites or something else is pretty hard. I have faced many problems while searching for pretty icons. I found many but not in one place. Today, I came across an interesting link- It helped me get many kinds of icon sets, all in one place.

Twitter Follow Badge – Make people follow you on Twitter

Twitter is an huge micro blogging website and a best source to get real time traffic. It helps to index content faster in search engines. Most of us would have Twitter accounts, and if you don’t, then make it. I am sure it will help you in growing your business, market, product and blog/website. So, […]

Top 6 Blogs to help you prepare for SEO, Internet Marketing and Blogging

Your blog is a place to have fun, write malicious points and via these works, you make money. We all want money for our expenses but without proper preparation, you won’t get as much as you’d like. As a blogger, I know it’s really difficult to know what others think, how they work and why […]