What Made Google Drop ‘O’ From Its Logo! [Answer]

Form last few days a post by Brian Brown on SEOMoz about Dropping ‘O’ from Google logo on search result page is creating buzz. After investigating entire issue in detail, here I am posting my reasoning. First and most important, if you have missed it, appending &num=100&start=990 to any search URL forces Google to drop […]

Want to Download Free from Rapidshare! [Funny]

If you download often from Rapidshare, then you might be familiar with image verification code they put on download pages. These image codes are meant to stop computer programs downloading from their server. Now if you think those image codes being easy, then check out following challenge. Of course this must be mock up. If […]

5 WordPress Plugins for Social Bookmarking/Networking

Today I will post about plugins which will help your blog spread via social networking/bookmarking services. I personally think socializing aspect is more important than direct SEO, which I will discuss in tomorrows post. Social plugins allow your blog visitor to spread a word about your blog posts. As this is what they say mouth-to-mouth […]

List of Blogs by Indian Bollywood Celebrities, Politicians, etc

Blogging fever is catching up with Indian Bollywood celebrities, politicians. etc. Here I am posting a list of all such famous celebrities blogs. Salman Khan & Shekhar Kapur are only serious bloggers with almost a post everyday. Many celebrities are using surprisingly strange platforms managed by some companies who don’t know about feeds and other […]

List of Orkuts Country Specific Sites

Last week, I wrote about Orkut’s Indian version. During the same time Orkut launched many other county-specific versions and below is the list of such orkut’s country domains… India: www.orkut.co.in Brazil: www.orkut.com.br England: www.orkut.co.uk Australia: www.orkut.com.au Germany: www.orkut.de Canada: www.orkut.ca Portugal: www.orkut.pt Israel: www.orkut.co.il New Zealand: www.orkut.co.nz Above list is complied using Darnells blog post […]

Strange Facts About Linus Torvalds – Creator of Linux Kernel!

Linus Torvalds – The man who created Linux Kernel is extremely simple and not at all gizmo freak in his day-2day life. Unlike many open source icons, Torvalds maintains a low profile. He is still remains the ultimate authority on what new code is incorporated into the standard Linux kernel. Below are some facts about […]

Why Orkut is NOT celebrating Pakistan’s Independence day???

Just few hours back I have posted how Orkut is celebrating Indias 60 Years of Independence! Then I received comment from Lovedeep on that post saying Orkut Logo featuring Indian tricolor looking great! And I wondered how Orkut Logo is featured in Pakistan as Pakistan also completing 60 Years of Independence day on 14th August, […]

Celebrate 60 Years of Independence by Telling Orkut What Do U Think!

Manu Rekhi from orkut team unveils Orkuts plan to celebrate 60 Years of Independence… We decided to celebrate India’s 60th year of Independence by asking users to express their view on what they think about the significant moments in India’s past and the big milestones ahead… Going ahead they posted following polls on various topics […]