How can I register?

Registration is simple. Just head over to this link and fill in the form. You will get an activation email. Activate your account from your email account and you are registered as a user.

Why should I register with Devils’ Workshop?

You can blog on a bigger platform helped by an editorial team which has combined experience of 10 years of blogging. Devils’ Wokshop is also a part of rtCamp which is a web development company.

You can also show your own AdSense Ads with your post and earn revenues from all the visits to the post you have written. Check out more details here.

Are affiliate links allowed on my posts?

As a blog we do not allow any paid links or text link as advertisement. Remaining consistent to that idea, we do not allow guest bloggers to insert affiliate or paid links on their posts.

Are the links I insert on my profile bio “do follow” or “no follow”?

The links you enter in your profile page under website are do follow. This is usually a link to the hompage of your own blog or website. It shows up at the home icon on the author bio. Your author bio shows up with all your posts which are published. All other links you might add in your bio info are “no follow”.

What topics should I write about?

Make sure the topics you choose to write about is relevant to that particular blog. Devils’ Workshop is a blog on technology but with more emphasis on web 2.0, free mobile apps, mobile phone reviews and other tips, tricks and hacks.

Why was my post rejected without feedback?

  • Your post had unrelated spammy or promotional links.
  • The post is not related to technology.
  • We do not encourage fake profiles contributing articles. We like giving credit to real people for their real efforts. Posts by authors that to be contributed by suspicious author profiles will be rejected.
  • The post has backlinks at the end of the post.
  • The post was copied from a previously published source.
  • If our editorial team thinks someone practicing article spinning – then those posts might get rejected.
  • The submitted post had a link to a similar article from your own blog which were not exactly adding much to the content.

What could be the possible reasons for a post being rejected?

The editorial team would ideally notify the guest bloggers about the reasons on why their post was rejected. The editorial team uses 4 important criteria to decide if the post is good enough to be published.

Relevance: If the post your are writing is a relevant topic to the blog and if it is relevant at that particular frame of time. For example writing a post on creating a Facebook account is not really helpful to anyone and will not be published.

Language: We expect out posts to be written in simple English. Most times if there are too many issues with the language used in the content or grammar then Editorial team will let you know about it.

Originality: The post should not be copied from anywhere. Also if the post has copyrighted images, movies then chances the post will not be published.

Lack of Research: Sometime a post might not be well researched and making claims which are not entirely incorrect.

Paid Apps: We usually never publish a review of a paid app or software. We prefer only freeware software. The only paid software we allow reviews about are extremely popular ones like say Windows 7 or MS Word.

Note: Contributors who write copy-paste content, submit abusive posts and also unrelated content repeatedly can end up having their roles limited by the site admin. Banning authors is usually the last resort and is done only in a worst case scenario.

Who owns the copyright to my posts on Devils’ Workshop?

You will own articles and will have full rights to royalties from third party publishers and media companies.

Still have a question? Drop in at the Support Forums.