Google Chrome Plugin: PageRank, Alexa Rank checker

This time I have a good news for Chrome users. Most of my friends preferred Firefox than Chrome just because it does not support installation of plugins and addons as Firefox does. But this time it is not so, if you are a big fan of Google’s Chrome and you too dislike it because of […]

GreaseMetal: GreaseMonkey for Google Chrome

Despite a lot of buzz about Google Chrome, one thing which is preventing many Firefox users from making a switch is, no support for third-party addons/plugins in Google Chrome. If all you want is one firefox plugin, GreaseMonkey, then there is a software called GreaseMetal out there, which can for time being make most userscripts […]

Googles Chrome Browser – Features and alternative Firefox Plugins

Google launched their first public version of open source browser named Chrome. As of now available only for Windows, this browser will most probably eat into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share. Well this is good news for web developer guys as IE always made it hard to develop standard compliant websites. Anyway here is our […]