Google Play Store Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Discounts on Apps

Google_play_1_year_offersGoogle is now celebrating the one year anniversary of its Play Store. Google Play which was formerly the Android Marketplace, was re-branded as a big challenge that Google is mounting to Amazon and Apple. The other two big services who sell content like movies, music, books and apps on devices. Today, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Google Play, it is rolling out a lot of discounts on apps, movies, music and magazines.

Just visit the Google Play promotion page and you should be able to see the apps available free or at a discount. I checked

The discount and free apps will be given away for a limited period of time. So it won’t be a bad idea to check their birthday offers link once or twice a day to see if you can pick up something interesting.

Not much choice for India!


I was looking forward to some discounts on books but it seems there is not hardly much choice for Indian users. I think only a few apps with discounts are available for users from India.

I think as I am using Android 4.0 ICS on my phone and not the latest Jelly Bean version hence it might be showing me lesser apps  as available for my phone. Also I am guessing tablets using Android will also get more apps to choose from.

If you have got a discount on a app from Google’s birthday offering, do let us know in your comments.

Link: Birthday Offers – Google Play


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