Flipboard Allows Magazines on Desktop Web Browser

In March this year, Flipboard introduced Magazines which allowed users to curate content and share them with others. These digital magazines can be curated by one person who can even invite other curators on Flipboard. Flipboard took a very unique look at growth and decided to work solely on mobile platforms as an app and was not available on the web browser. Today it has announced the web browser version for sharing magazines.

The Flipboard magazines on the browser keep the same layout it would show on a tablet. This basically means if you share a magazine you curate on Flipboard on social media, it can be viewed by everyone and not just the people who have the app.

Flipboard on the Web
Flipboard Magazines can now be viewed on your desktop browser

Flipboard’s new focus is ‘content sharing’

Flipboard was focused on how users consume their RSS feeds or even feeds from their social media account. With Flipboard Magazines, they basically have manually curated magazines. That was the first indication that the focus was shifting from just consuming content to actually ‘sharing content’.


So it was only logical that not everyone is expected to download an app just to follow a curated magazines and hence Flipboard new web friendly avatar. Personally I do think it is a good idea because if Google Reader had focused on getting people to share the content they consume, it might have had a very different story.

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Flipboard Allows Users to Curate Content as Public Magazines

Flipboard today updated its app for the iPad and brought in a new feature. This feature allows users to create public or private magazines with their favorite collections. While many users who use Flipboard actually use it to consume their social and RSS feeds, they could not really interact with other users.

This is basically a collection of webpages that can be bookmarked and saved with other Flipboard users. We can create these personalized magazines using a bookmarklet too. This makes it useful as we can bookmark some pages into magazines from your desktop browser and then get back to them on a tablet.


Flipboard also displays publicly available magazines prominently. This in reality makes Flipboard into a social network of content curators.

Flipbaord - User Magazines

At the moment this update is available only on iPad but should be available on Android soon.

Google Reader’s deathwatch impact


Just the other day, Flipboard unrolled a new setting for Android users to cut down their data plan bills with a setting that disables automatic loading of images. Our in-house Android fan Vibin yesterday came across Press for Android – which is a alternative RSS reader app to Google Reader.

There are also many Google Reader alternatives ramping up their plans. Also Digg which once specialized in social bookmarking is promising a new RSS feed reader. This is a great time for smaller companies who are specializing in tracking content publishing and feeds. The problem with companies as large as Google is they might not be able to dedicate innovative minds on a fulltime basis to smaller projects but that is not a problem with smaller companies.

At the moment, Flipboard is really coming out with some innovative features but its only downside is it does not have a web application to use from the browser.


Disallow Flipboard to Load Images Automatically While on a Data Plan [Android]

If you are using Flipboard, they you must be aware of its great magazine like format for mobile platforms. It basically allows users to quickly skim through hundreds of updates on Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds withing minutes. It is one of my favorite apps on my iPad Mini while I am on a Wifi network but I use it often on my Android phone too. But Flipboard can really burn through your data plan if you are using 3G to browse. The feeds load up with images and those really consume a lot of data.

This is where you can make a change to the settings of Flipboard and stop images from loading automatically.

How it works:

Flipboard Data Save

  • Look up Settings on Flipboard app on your Android device.
  • In Settings there is an option that read “Reduce Data Usage”. Tap on it and you will get three more options.
  • From here you can select “On Demand” which allows users to tap to load an image and stops Flipboard form automatically loading them up.

That is it and you should be able to save up significantly on your data plan.


Great time for Feed Readers!

It is a great time for Feed readers, especially on the mobile platform. Google has pulled the plug on its Google Reader. Since Google Reader will vacate a big space, it will allow its alternatives to really innovate in this space and come up with better products. Flipboard is one such product and I won’t be surprised if they really start focusing on how to attract Google Reader users to them.

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