More tips to be a ‘Don’ in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the best games (real-time Games) available on the Facebook just as Farmville and all. It’s an interesting game which shows the life in a mafia, with the terrible sounds of guns and smell of blood! The aim in this game is to be a powerful Don in the mafia family. […]

Time to open your FarmVille holiday presents :D

The wait is finally over and it’s the time to open all your Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Brown holiday special presents that you collected in ‘Holiday Tree’ of FarmVille. The ‘Holiday Tree’ which is having a capacity of 100 gifts is having all your gifts that you received from your friends but you can’t […]

Tips to Be Powerful In Mafia War

Mafia War is another game developed by Zynga and is second to only Farmville. Its a game about being a Don in the Mafia world and win all fight we attend. To be a powerful in Mafia war, we first need to recruit others but how? The first step in Mafia War is to recruit […]