India to Oppose International Framework for Net Censorship

According to Hindustan Times, today India would be looking to oppose the any form of internet governance rules set up under the UN. Internet censorship already exists in many countries, in which many social networks, YouTube and search engines fine themselves blocked in countries. But ITU’s plans are to take such censorship further in laying […]

86% of Removal Request by India to Google are without a Court Order

Google puts out transparency reports every few months. One disturbing trend came out in the previous report was that India has 49% increase in the number of removal requests made by government agencies. The latest report shows that 86% of the removal requests by India are without a court order. Worrying trends of Internet Censorship? […]

Anonymous Protests Internet Censorship across India!

Yesterday Anonymous, a hacktivist group has staged its first protest across several cities in India. It was protesting against internet censorship by the government and also certain ISPs. Internet censorship has been a hot topic of discussion for a while now but in recent times it has reached a tipping point in India. The Twitter […]

Google to Redirect Blogspot Hosted Blogs to Country Specific Domains

If you are living in India and have a blog on Blogspot, this might interest you. Google is redirecting all blogspot blogs from to This is not for only blogs from India, but all blogs that are looked up from an IP address in India. While if you are using your own personal […]

[Funny Poster] The Internet Powered by SOPA/PIPA!

SOPA is not exactly an issue of the US Government trying to control free speech. Well at least officially it is not about free speech. It is mainly supposed to deal with piracy issues and shutdown websites which are sharing copyright content illegally. Criticism of SOPA is high, especially after Wikipedia shut itself down for […]

Twitter to Censor Tweets! Is Twitter Selling Out?

One of the best things about Twitter is that there is no censorship, there are no real controls either and no expectations about what is being shared on it. The free for all nature actually leads to some amazing discussions more often that say hate speech or even spam. All this is might change very […]

Does India Really Want Internet Censorship Like China?

Internet censorship was something we never imagined in India. There have been calls for bans on social media networks by some groups but no one really gave such ideas any real importance. Then came the bombshell from Indian Government’s Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal who first wanted internet websites to screen all their content. Screening online […]

How Does SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) Work! – Infographic

In recent times there has been a lot of buzz online about a Anti-Piracy Bill in the United States. Many internet companies like Mozilla, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and more have stated their opposition to SOPA. An organization backed by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Wikimedia has created this infographic below that shows the effect […]

Indian Government Flip-flops on Internet Censorship!

According to news reports India’s Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal asked internet companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to screen content which may be deemed inflammatory. While the Indian government has regularly made noises about online content being screened, the suggestion from the minister that human beings should be used to screen content instead of […]