How does Google Earth and ISRO’s Bhuvan compare?

Comparing ISRO’s Bhuvan and Google Earth is that its like comparing a child with a full grown person. Google Earth has been at doing this for a long time so obviously ISRO Bhuvan cannot really reach that level as yet. Ofocurse being an Indian there is that sense of pride one can associate with Bhuvan […]

Terrorists used Google Earth during Mumbai attacks?

It is too scary to know that some free web services can help the terrorists and anti social elements to create havoc around the world. Recently, I came across an article in PcWorld which revealed, according to investigations terrorists used Google Earth to get familiar with streets of Mumbai and learn the roads around them […]

ISRO Bhuvan: To be Google Earth’s competitor

Recently, news paper articles were flooded with the term "ISRO Bhuvan" and it was quite annoying for me to see the same term everywhere in my feed reader as well. Finally I too wanted to know, what exactly ISRO’s Bhuvan is? The answer to this question was quite interesting.. I came to know that Bhuvan […]