Create Portfolio with Image Sliding Effect with jQuery

There are tons of tutorials already out there about creating portfolio image slide effect with jQuery. I wanted to create an easy-to-implement jQuery image slider for my portfolio page, you can check the live demo at Blogger To WordPress portfolio. This slider requires the latest release of jQuery and functional knowledge of jQuery, HTML and […]

Equal Height and Width for WordPress Widgets Using JQuery

There are situations when a developer needs to set equal height and width to child div’s that contain dynamic content. I came across such a situation, in which I had to place more than one widget in a single horizontal row. If I applied static heights and widths to the divs, there was a possibility […]

Using jQuery to Remove Hyperlinks from Dates in Comments Listing

Last time while developing a theme I had to do some customizations in Comments listing. As you all know we could achieve comments listing by two ways:
1. WordPress’s default comments listing function i.e wp_list_comments()
2. Passing a callback function to it by which you can override your comments layout.

JavaScript/jQuery Snippet to check if a function exists

I am working on a very complex wordpress theme from last few weeks and on the way learning many new things. To keep load time of this new theme in check, I am using many ‘if’ statements in header.php to control which javascript library/jquery plugin loads on which page. So before making JavaScript/jQuery function calls, […]