Show your New Year’s Resolution to the World with Google

All of us just love to make New Year’s resolution every year (even if we don’t feel like fulfilling them afterwards) and we love to share it with our family and friends. This year you can take it to the next level with Google’s 2013 resolutions map and share it not only with your loved ones but with the whole world. You can also read everyone else’s resolutions who shared it on Google Zeitgeist.

How to share your New Year’s Resolution on Google?

To share your Resolution open the website:


Then click “Add your 2013 resolution to the map”. Then type your Resolution in the Box #1, your Postal Code in Box #2 and select your country from the drop down list in Box #3. Finally select the category of your resolution from a drop down list on the same page. There are total 7 categories i.e. Love, Health, Career, Finance, Family, Education, Others; you can choose most suitable category for your resolution. Please note that you can share it in your native language and Google will translate it automatically in different languages depending upon the reader’s location. Once submitted, your resolution will be shared with the world in 24-48 hours.

On the same Resolution Page you can read other people’s resolution in your native language. To read a resolution rollover your mouse cursor on a dot on the world’s map and it will show a bubble with a resolution and its category.

google new year resolution 2013

You can also share your resolution with us in the comments section below. We would love to read them. 🙂

In case you are from India then don’t forget to check today’s Google homepage i.e. to see a small candle as a tribute to Delhi gang-rape victim.

Google's Tribute

May Her Soul Rest in Peace…


5 Ways to make the PC to Mac transition more smooth

I’ve recently got a Macbook (mid-2012 MBP) for myself, and the experience has been awesome – be it the design or apps or the smoothness of OS, Apple has got you covered.

Apparently, like everyone else, I’ve been using Windows (and Ubuntu sometimes) all my life. The transition from PC to Mac wasn’t so smooth but I’ve come across a lot of apps (and tricks) which made Mac a lot more user friendly.

1. Setup the Mac trackpad to work like that of Windows laptops

The Mac trackpad is the best in its market, that’s for sure. It’s so large (even on the 13″ MBP) that can fit all your five fingers allowing numerous inbuilt gestures. The whole trackpad itself is a button.

But wait, there’s an annoying thing about the Mac trackpad – there’s no tap-to-click by default, along with no double tap-to-drag.


Open the Settings app and go to Trackpad > Point & click, tick next to ‘Tap to click’. For one finger dragging, go to Accessibility > Mouse and Trackpad > Trackpad options, and select dragging ‘without drag lock’. Also, too many gestures can confuse you, so feel free to un-tick the ones which aren’t useful.

2. Better window management with Hyperdock


Hyperdock brings Aero Snap (a Windows 7 feature) to Mac, which makes window management a breeze. Just move a window to a screen edge and it resizes itself.

It’s not all about window management, anyway. You also get window previews when you hover cursor over any opened dock item.


Link: Hyperdock

3. Making most out of Finder


Mac’s finder can be too simple (and incomplete) at first sight, without showing path and all the stuff you’re used to in Windows explorer.

First of all, you can enter path to open a directory in Finder: Right-click Finder icon in dock and hit “Go to folder”. Note that hitting Tab key will auto-complete the path, which can be useful.


Windows converts who are used to Ctrl+X for cutting and pasting files will be easily annoyed as Cmd+X doesn’t work. The point is simple, there’s no ‘Cut’ option in Mac, but you can just drag a file to any folder and it’s moved. For keyboard junkies, Cmd+Alt+V does the trick.

4. Remap keyboard keys for easier typing


If you find yourself hitting Ctrl key too often instead of Cmd, then here’s a nice tip. You can remap keyboard keys using the built in Settings app in Mac. Go to Settings > Keyboard > Modifier keys, and now you can assign Control function for Cmd key, etc.

5. Booting from an external drive or an USB


For some reason if you want to boot from an external drive, just hold the Option key before the Apple logo flashes during the booting process.

It’ll then show what all drives it can boot into – if you’ve Windows installed on your Mac through Bootcamp, it’ll show that too. Also, you’ll see a Recovery HD to boot into, if the Macintosh HD has failed.

Drop in your comments and more tips on how to make moving from Windows to Mac a lot easier.


Apple Is More Valuable Than Microsoft and Google Put Together!

Apple_logoApple had regained the position for a little while as the world’s most valuable company. Revenue and sale numbers are out for Apple. The total valuation of this company now stands at $413 billion.

It replaced Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company for a while until their places were interchanged due to the day’s trading. In valuation terms, Apple is way ahead of tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft is valued at $249 billion, while Google is at a much lower $146 billion. That means if the valuations of Microsoft and Google were combined it would be $395 billion. That is still below Apple’s $413 billion.

Apple’s Incredible Year

  • Apple has continued its good performance from last year, when it overtook Microsoft in terms of profitability.
  • More than just the market valuation, Apple also has cash reserves of almost a $100 billion. That means if tomorrow the Apple board decides it could buy out Dell and HP together and still have some money left.
  • It also has enough money to completely buy out the social network Facebook. As Facebook has not had a IPO, its market value cannot be easily calculated but it is estimated to be valued around $90 billion.

Less is more

  • The most amazing part of Apple’s growth in the past 2 years has been that it does not have a host of products and services. Products like iPhone, iPod, iPads and their App store is what is driving all this revenues.
  • Also considering it sells devices which are considered expensive and a bit of a luxury, it still has grown despite the economic recession in the US and Europe. It seems Apple is recession proof.

It seems Steve Job’s philosophy of concentrating on a handful of products instead of several, has paid off BIG. Also with iPhone 5 and iPad 3 expected in the year 2012, it could mean there is no stopping Apple at least for the next couple of years.

Source: Nasdaq


Use Custom Theme Tool on Your Windows Phone

When it comes to customization and tweaking the look of the device,  both Android and iOS  are ahead in the race compared to Windows Phone OS. The default metro tile look of Windows Phone is less obstructive and pleasant to the eyes, but it still lacks in offering variation to the end-users.

Windows Phone design brings ‘something different‘ factor on the table.

windows phone custom theme

That said, Windows Phone bounds users to 10 color variation, limiting options to tweak the metro UI of the device. But thanks to chevronWP7 lab unlock and Windows Phone hacker team, it is now possible to create a custom theme for WP.

Themes for WP7‘ tool lets you deploy your own background theme onto device, provided you follow certain standards. Basically, all Windows Phone supports 480 x 800 resolution, which means that your background theme should be only 480 pixels wide.


Themes for WP

  • Themes for WP7 works on all chevronWP7 unlocked Windows Phone, which was re-opened few hours back. You do not need to go through Interop unlock process in order to use this hack.
  • For those who might not know, Inertop unlock gives you an access to device drivers which is only limited to Microsoft and OEMs. You need to follow the tutorials given at XDA forum to achieve this. There are loads of homebrew app available on XDA forum that needs an access to Interop codes.
  • This tool also supports creation of live tile background. In simple terms, instead of applying the background image to all the tiles, you would be allowed to keep it limited to single or multiple tiles.
  • Once again you’ve to take care of the dimensions of the background image. Users can use only 173 x 173 transparent PNG image as a tile background (any image editing tool will let you customize an image to this dimension). For this matter, Windows Phone Icon maker should suffice.

Note: Make sure Zune player is up and running, and your device is connected to the PC when you deploy the custom theme onto Windows Phone.

This video tutorial will walk you through the process of creating and deploying custom theme on Windows Phone.

Do drop in your comments.


Download “Devils’ Workshop” Blogger Template

Mukund from released a free template which replicate our current Devils’ Workshop theme nicely. 🙂

You can see live demo here.  You can download it from here.

If you decide to use it on your blog, please read follow-up articles on customizations as well.

As Mukund developed this theme on his own, contact him only for support. 😉

WordPress Theme

I saw some readers requesting WordPress version of DW theme as well. We will surely release current DW WordPress Theme for community once its get ported on our recently launched rtPanel wordpress theme framework.

Thanks Surun for the tip. 🙂

Link: Devils’ Workshop Template





Free Premium BlackBerry Apps in India and their Availability

Research in Motion (RIM) will be offering some premium Applications for free for BlackBerry users in some countries worldwide including India. RIM announced this offer to make frustrated customers happy who are unhappy due to a major service disruption last week. You can download these premium applications for free from October 19th till December 31st 2011 from the BlackBerry App World. Well BlackBerry isn’t going to give you these premium applications free for all 70 days; rather they will launch it one by one and for a shorter period of time.

List of Free Applications:

According to BlackBerry following applications are now free to download but the availability depends upon your device, Operating System and your location.

  • SIMS 3 – Electronic Arts
  • Bejeweled – Electronic Arts
  • N.O.V.A. – Gameloft
  • Texas Hold’em Poker 2 – Gameloft
  • Bubble Bash 2 – Gameloft
  • Photo Editor Ultimate – Ice Cold Apps
  • Pro –
  • iSpeech Translator Pro –
  • Drive Enterprise –
  • Nobex Radio™ Premium – Nobex
  • Shazam Encore – Shazam
  • Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant – Vlingo

Availability in India:

Unfortunately not all the applications are available in India and not even some of them.There’s just one application available for downloading that is “ Pro by Hopefully some better application we be available soon as is a low rated application that’s not liked by many BlackBerry users including me.

Are these applications available for you to download in your region? Don’t forget to tell us.

(via RIM)


Chat with your Facebook friends on Yahoo!

Are you a Yahoo Beta user and a Facebook addict ? Then you may love this update from Yahoo.

Now you can chat with your Facebook friends on Yahoo. When it comes to checking emails we rely on Gmail or Yahoo and when it comes to chatting and making friends we are in love with Facebook. So here is the greatest combination ever, check mails on Yahoo and chat with your Facebook friends.

Almost a year ago, Yahoo started allowing the ability to update the status on Facebook using Yahoo mail. But, this is much better! On left hand side you can see your Facebook contacts and chat with them when you wish to.

How has been your experience with Yahoo Facebook chat ? Share your view with me.


Photowall Android app to Make your Facebook friend’s pictures into a live wallpaper

Photowall app for all Android devices pulls up all your and your friends’s pictures from Facebook and sets it as your live wallpaper. Wow, nice!


What does Photowall App do ?

  • PhotoWall shows your photos on your phone’s home screen.
  • You can add photo effects too.
  • Create lovely wallpapers with yours’ and your friends photographs from Facebook.

For downloading this application you need to first login to Android market and then click install. 🙂 It’s not a free app, you need to buy it from Android market in 44.40 INR.

So , what do you think ? Are you going to buy this app and see your friend’s photo as wallpaper ? Share your view on this.


Facebook Credits come to India

Facebook’s much-loved feature is the Facebook games. Farmville, Cityville, Cafeworld and many more. Most people log in to Facebook everyday to check their farms, city or restaurant and they need Facebook credits to get the good stuff in the game. 🙂 Now, Facebook credits come to India.

Who ever plays Facebook games must be knowing Facebook Credits. We have once written how to get those credits, for free. In games like sorority life I have tried many times to get credits and saw that these things are not for India. As reported by msn, Facebook credits are made available for Indians now.

Beam, a mobile-commerce company, has sought the Reserve Bank of India’s permission to make Facebook Credits available in India. Beam’s Chairman and Managing Director Anand Shrivastav said,


We have a young subscriber base (60 per cent of Beam’s users are below 25) and are, therefore, driven by what they want us to do.

Facebook gives points to subscribers based on usage and lets users buy virtual stuff on the site. It retains 30 per cent as fee. Facebook Credits reached a new level of popularity earlier this month when Warner Brothers decided to stream Batman: The Dark Knight on the site. We Indian’s missed the chance to watch it online because of the unavailability of Facebook credits here.

For 30 Facebook Credits (equivalent of $3), one could have watched the 2008 movie over 48 hours, with an unlimited amount pauses. So, is that a threat to other mobile service providers ? Will this service be available to only Beam users ? Share your likes and dislikes here about the news.


Generate your Unique friend map on Facebook using My Friend Map application

Do you wish to know where are your friends from on Facebook? You can create a Friend map now using this application.

My Friend Map is an application that generates a map to show your Facebook friend’s place. It visually shows you in relation to all your friends around the world. Have a look at what I got.

How to make Facebook friend’s map ?

  • Go to the application my friend’s map.
  • Click on Allow.
  • Click on Create n share your map.

And its done 🙂 you can see where are your friends from. Well, it’s just for fun application. Try it once and let me know how did you find it. 🙂