New Website Translator Widget from Google

People from all over the world can access your site. Although most of them will be comfortable with the default language of your website, be it English or any other, its always possible that someone might want to view it in their own language. Of course they can go to the Google translate site and do the needful, but wouldn’t it be better if you provided that facility in your website itself, as a widget?

Facebook Application: Facebook for Blackberry

If you are using Blackberry smart-phone then a must have application for it, is ‘Facebook for Blackberry’ with which you can access Facebook right from your Blackberry smart-phone. With clean and easy to use design, Facebook for Blackberry is one of the most downloaded applications under Facebook Mobile, just like Facebook for iPhone. Download Application: […]

Best Related Posts Hack for BlogSpot Bloggers Using jQuery

It’s been some time I have been searching for best way to put related posts on my blogger blog! I know that there are actually many hacks for this! But truly speaking, I could not find any hack to be that much efficient as that of Wordpress. Even the hack by Jackbook looks good but not professional (as it shows the label tags and does not orders them according to priority). Also the hack posted at Devils Workshop does not seem to work now (may be because blogger APIs have changed over time)… So today, I am going to share the best way I have found to show Related Posts in your Blogger blog just in the WordPress style! It loads fast and completely based on jQuery.

Icon Finder – Find the prefect Icon for your Blog / Website

Finding prefect icons for blogs, websites or something else is pretty hard. I have faced many problems while searching for pretty icons. I found many but not in one place. Today, I came across an interesting link- It helped me get many kinds of icon sets, all in one place.

Orkut is highlighting scraps sent from mobile

Orkut added support from mobile Orkutting sometime back by creating a mobile optimized version at Today I noticed some scraps were marked as being “sent from orkut mobile” as highlighted below.    Initially, I confused it with scraps sent from mobile phones as SMS. I guess in Brazil people can use more Orkut features […]

5 Best Blogspot Blogger Hacks Everyone Should Use!

Well I started blogging around three month ago using blogger and it turned out to be quite interesting experience. In my view, the best way to improve your blog is to see what other are doing? So I started observing some very nicely formatted blogs and noticed what kind of hacks and modification they use […]

Page Navigation Hack for Blogger (Blogspot)

Most of the people think that page navigation hack is only for who blogs at WordPress. But here is the hack for those who use blogger and want to add page navigation to their blog. This hack will show page number instead of text link older posts, as shown in following screenshot. You can see […]