WordCamp Mumbai 2014 on 15th – 16th March

Last month I wrote about the WordCamp culture in India. In it I mentioned briefly about WordCamp Mumbai. WordCamps are basically WordPress informal conferences. The idea is for WordPress enthusiasts from a particular city meet-up and interact with the other WordPress enthusiasts and experts from all over the country. It is ideally an annual event.


Mumbai will host it’s second WordCamp (first one was in 2012) this weekend (15-16 March, 2014). I have attended a few WordCamps and they usually end up being informative and a lot of fun. It is always a lot of fun to see interesting new ways WordPress is used.

I am personally involved in WordCamp Mumbai 2014 as an organizer. For DW’s parent company rtCamp too, this WordCamp will be a very special one as EasyEngine – a CLI tool that helps users to easily manage their WordPress sites on Nginx will be introduced to the community. Rahul Bansal will be speaking on it in a session.

You can check out the event schedule here.

So if you live in Mumbai or nearby and want to check out WordCamp Mumbai – do register and buy a ticket online here.

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IndiBlogger meet in Mumbai on 15th August 2010

If you are a blogger and planning to be in Mumbai on 15ht August 2010, you might want to meet up other blogger at the Indiblogger meet which will take place in Mumbai. It will also be IndiBloggers 3rd anniversary.

IndiBlogger is website every Indian blogger should register and interact with considering it has over 15000 blogs registered on it. It also has other features like IndiRank which ranks all blogs registered in a automated way. Its verification is done manually!

The IndiBlogger’s Mumbai meet will happen after two years. If you are interesting in signing up you might want to click here and register yourself to  visit the meet.

If you are not able to visit Mumbai meet on the 15th of August 2010, you can follow it on Twitter by visiting #indimum.


Third Dedicated Cyber Crime Police Station in India

image7A dedicated cyber crime police station, the first-of-its-kind in Maharashtra, third in India only the after the ones in the IT Hub Bangalore and Hyderabad has started functioning on May 30 in Bandra-Kurla Complex at suburbs of Mumbai.

According to one of the officials “The facility has been equipped with state of the art modern technology and advanced software”.

According to Additional Police Commissioner (Crime) Deven Bharti,

“The dedicated police station will now register first information report on its own and investigate the offences pertaining to cyber space. The police station will take care of all cyber cases in the city including that of terror e-mails.”.


This facility will function under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Preventive) and Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime). A specially trained team of over 25 policemen, headed by an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), has been selected for the new job.

This unit has state-wide jurisdiction and will tackle issues like threat emails, financial terrorism(money-laundering). It seems that the present Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) of  Mumbai will be absorbed into this new unit.

How effectively these new police stations can tackle the cyber crime and cyber terrorism is yet to be seen. Personally i am of the opinion that these kind of high tech and well equipped cyber crime police stations should come up quickly at each  state’s capital at least.

Share your opinions.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Prasannan, an avid tech enthusiast.

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How twitter became the ultimate news source for Mumbai attack

#mumbai All my family members set glued to TV sets to view coverage on the Mumbai attacks, but not me. I found that Twitter worked faster than anything else. For those who don’t know what Twitter is, I’ll tell you about it some other day. Well, it was even reported that TV channels used the hash tag #Mumbai to get scrolling messages for their channels. says "Mumbai attacks: Twitter and flickr used to break news". Even I found #Mumbai tag on twitter was working really awesome and faster than any other news channels on the main stream. Even at this point of time ( 7:30 A.M. IST ) I can see a lot of tweeters, tweeting live from various places and sharing their experience about the Mumbai incident. Just a couple of seconds ago I got a tweet that another blast has occurred, but there isn’t any such information on TV yet..

taj attack

Another hash tag #mumbaifamilies was created for people who want to know about their relatives residing in Mumbai. As asked by many of my friends, you too may think that twitter is no way official and may distort the news. To this point, I’ll say that to a wrong tweet, there are hundreds of tweeters to correct them. So I think twitter can be believed and so does some news agencies too. Many tweeters even posted links to their photo stream with a lots of pics of those disastrous scenes. For instance @Vinu put many photos on his flickr stream. I found many social activists too on twitter popping in with tweets about latest happenings there, one among them is @dina who also reported for the CNN International as a citizen reporter.

There were even rumors that Indian govt. is planning either to ban twitter or ask them to block Mumbai related tweets as this may help those terrorist get vital information. But yet with any such official information. If you are also excited to know about the happenings at Mumbai you can check out Mumbai’s hash tag #Mumbai.


p align=”justify”>Links: #Mumbai | #MumbaiFamilies | List of dead or injured