Showdown: Do Google Apps really work better on Android than iPhones?

Google makes amazing web services – which translate into very good mobile apps. Lately, Google has started showing too much love for the iOS, so much that it made me think if the apps are actually better than Android apps. Here, we try to find out.

Showdown: Instapaper Vs. Readability

Ever came across a long article and wish you could read it in a ad-free, customizable place? Instapaper and Readability do just that, and that’s what today’s showdown is about. Interface Winner: Readability Interface plays a big role, after all, these two apps are intended to make an article clutter free and put it on […]

Showdown: Echofon Vs. TweetDeck For Windows

In case you missed it, last week we compared Google+ and Facebook comprehensively and voted Google+ as a better social network. This week we’re looking into the best Twitter client for Windows, comparing Tweetdeck and Echofon, which has just released for Windows, but is very familiar for iPhone users. Note: Echofon isn’t a Social media […]

Showdown: Google+ Vs. Facebook

Many prefer Facebook to Google+, but in my opinion Google+ is built on better technology and certainlyhas the potential to ditch Facebook. I decided to go ahead and write about a showdown on certain points between Facebook and Google+.   Design Winner: Google+ Google is taking Google+ so seriously that it redesigned all of its […]