[Funny Poster] The Internet Powered by SOPA/PIPA!

SOPA is not exactly an issue of the US Government trying to control free speech. Well at least officially it is not about free speech. It is mainly supposed to deal with piracy issues and shutdown websites which are sharing copyright content illegally. Criticism of SOPA is high, especially after Wikipedia shut itself down for […]

Wikipedia to Protest Against SOPA With a Blackout Tomorrow!

The technology world has been buzzing with talks of protests over the past month over SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), a law that is being discussed in the U.S. Another law called Protect IP Act (PIPA) has also many tech giants worried. Internet companies fear that SOPA and PIPA will also kill free speech and […]

Story of GoDaddy’s PR Disaster Over SOPA

Yesterday we featured an infographic on SOPA, that explained how it would impact internet companies. GoDaddy.com┬áthe domain registry and hosting service was one of the few prominent internet companies that supported SOPA. Twitter, Facebook were rife with the news that the only big internet company supporting SOPA seems to be GoDaddy and people were boycotting […]

How Does SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) Work! – Infographic

In recent times there has been a lot of buzz online about a Anti-Piracy Bill in the United States. Many internet companies like Mozilla, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and more have stated their opposition to SOPA. An organization backed by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Wikimedia has created this infographic below that shows the effect […]