[How to] Identify Spam on Facebook

If I ask you why do you love Facebook so much, you have loads of replies to it. Its secure, better privacy settings, better photo upload, tagging and other options. But you sure miss the feature ‘who visited your profile’ which was on Orkut. Now, don’t say No.

One thing that I have seen on my friend’s wall is “OMG OMG now you can see who viewed your profile” ,well that did make me wonder is it so ? Then the only thing we miss on Facebook will be there. But the truth is that these things do not work. It is just a spam that keeps on spreading

Teacher Nearly Kills a Boy [Facebook Spam]

In recent some incidents Facebook is highly targeted by spammers like sexiest video ever spam in recent days. These days another spam message saying “Teacher nearly kills a 13 year old boy” or “See the Shocking video, Teacher nearly kills a boy” Spam is spreading like viral.  When ever some one click on the video link to […]

Candid Camera Prank video is a spam application on Facebook

The other day I got a strange post on my Facebook account wall and it was that of a video. Luckily before I clicked on the video I saw the same post being posted by another friend and that seemed suspicious. The video claims to be Candid Camera Prank. Image below is how the message […]

Why always use a URL shortener before posting a link on Facebook

It is always recommended to use a shortened URL before posting any link to Facebook either on your homepage or in any page. It is because of the ultimate anti spamming system of Facebook which is operated manually. Suppose if you post a link to Facebook page and few people report it as a spam […]