#2: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Recommended Programs

These are recommended programs, and are not necessary. But in the tutorials, only these softwares will be used, so I request you to download & install these. As I use Windows Vista, I will be giving the tutorial to install the programs for Windows. Links to download & documentation of same programs for other OS also given in this post.

#1: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Introduction

This is post post in new series started by PHP Tutorials for Beginners by Gautam. This post provides general introduction to PHP and some historical facts about it! As PHP if language top-blogging platform Wordpress uses, it is good to have little understanding of PHP. This will help you for sure in your blogging carrier even if programming is not your prime occupation.

Shortest Tutorial for Firefox Extension/Toolbar Development!

About This Tutorial: From long time I wanted to write this but was always running out of time as the topic is complicated and too long! I always like to come-up with simple ways of doing geekish things as this Devils Workshop have great variance in its audience. So writing a post for all is […]