How to check if your system is safe from Alureon/ DNS Changer or not?

Finally its 9th of July i.e. Malware Monday when there’s a risk that thousands of PC worldwide (including India) may lose their internet connection due to a virus called Alureon or DNS Changer Bot. Alureon is a malware designed to redirect the traffic to fake websites in order to steal user information such as financial […]

Viral Clickjacking is Spreading on Facebook Profiles via “Like”

A new virus attack called “clickjacking worm” is targeting thousands Facebook users and spreading very quickly. The affected profiles can be identified by seeing the “Like” in the following links: “LOL this girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE,” “This man takes a picture of himself EVERYDAY for 8 YEARS!!,” “The […]

10+ Tips to protect your Facebook profile from virus and hacking

The months September and October were not good for Facebook’s security system because of the virus that hit Facebook. But it’s more important for an individual Facebook user to protect his/her own profile from these viruses than that for Facebook developers itself as some of the viruses or an attempt to hack your profile can […]

The latest Facebook virus via password reset e-mails

There’s a new virus on the net which is relating itself from the biggest social networking site Facebook. The virus known as Bredolab is actually spreading on the net by e-mails which sends a trojan file attached to an e-mail which looks like “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” e-mail send officially by Facebook. Few months back […]