Twitpic fixes vulnerability after Britney Spears dies on Twitter!

This has been a week of tragic celebrity deaths (Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon). And a couple of days back, it was the pop princess Britney Spears! Well, rather a Tweet (with a Twitpic) on her official Twitter page that read the following:

“Britney has passed today. It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come.”

Well… well… Pranksters get weird kicks hacking accounts and posting wicked stuff.

More security issues with Google Chrome

Very recently, I had written about Security Problems with Google Chrome and how a FIX had been released to resolve the issue. But it appears that within a span of two weeks, Google Chrome has been updated with two more security patches, to fix a pair of vulnerabilities, one being critical and the other high risk.

Adobe Security Updates on May 12

Last month, Adobe’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) announced potential vulnerability in Adobe Reader 9.1 and 8.1.4 and had urged users on all platforms to disable JavaScript. Since then, many have been eagerly awaiting Adobe security patches so that the issue can be fixed. Adobe has set a May 12 date for the delivery […]