Lyrics Finder grabs and embeds song lyrics in your MP3s

If you like to keep your Music library complete or like to sing along to your songs, here’s a great little app called Lyrics Finder.

Lyrics Finder

Lyrics Finder scans your music library for MP3s and downloads the lyrics.

To get started, drag-and-drop a file or a folder containing MP3s.


You’ll of course need to make sure your Music Player app supports lyrics, otherwise there’s no point in embedding lyrics inside the MP3s.

For example, on Android, there’s Poweramp, Shuttle and more music players which support lyrics. On Mac, I use Muzzy, a great mini player for iTunes.

If an MP3 file already has lyrics, then the app leaves it intact, i.e. no overriding.

Searching and downloading lyrics is pretty fast, it took less than a minute to grab lyrics for 400 songs in my iTunes library. A green indicator is shown on the song’s album art, if lyrics were available for that song (see the above screenshot).

Lyrics Finder is available for OS X and Windows, the link is below.

Link: Lyrics Finder


Dropbox Releases App for Windows 8 Tablets

Dropbox has recently released an optimized app for Windows 8 users. This app is a tablet friendly one and available at the Windows Store. The Dropbox app will run on any Windows 8 platform which includes the hybrid laptops with touch-screens along tablets like Surface RT which do not support all applications that run on Windows 8.

Unfortunately Dropbox has still not released an app for Windows 8 phone platform.

Dropbox App Windows 8

Is Dropbox App in Windows 8 worth your time?

  • The app really is not all that useful if you already have the older version of Dropbox running on your Windows 8 PC. This is because this app is optimized only for the tablet interface and not the PC.
  • It allows features like sharing photos with Facebook and Twitter friends using the Windows 8 Charm Share feature.
  • It is very basic and if you have a Windows tablet then this is a must have app for you.
  • On the downside the app does not seem to support selective sync for folders which is very useful especially if your device might not have continuous connectivity.

A Dropbox app is still not available for Windows phone, but it should be available sooner rather than later.

Try out the Dropbox app if you have a Windows tablet and let us know your views in your comments.

Link: Dropbox for Windows 8