6 Most Frequently Used Google Search Operators For Better Searching!

image Google supports several operators which gives you more control on search results. There are too many search operators to remember. Also, not all of them are useful all the time.

So I am describing today only the most frequently used search operators alongwith real-life examples. College students will particularly find examples more interesting! 😉

**>> **First note common syntax of following Google search operators…


There should not be any space on either side of colon [:]

Also all search operator are case-sensitive!


# site: This operator is useful for searching a site and/or its subdomain.


# filetype: You can directly use Google to search any type of files.


**# inurl: **To search something in URLs

Also try allinurl: **operator which looks all keywords into **URL only!


**# intitle: **To search something in page title. Useful when searching a too common word.

Also try allintitle: **operator which looks all keywords into **title only!


**# define: **To use Google search as dictionary. There are other dedicated dictionary services but none of them is as clean and fast as Google.


**# OR **– To combine results of multiple searches! By default Google performs ANDing on keywords we use while searching. But sometimes explicit OR can help more.

Note OR must be in capital and it doesn’t have colon after it!

In case you are interested in complete list, its here… (printable format)

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