Best Free and Paid Web Hosting Service On Internet! [Review]

In this post I am writing about a free and a paid web hosting service. They are best in their own categories.

Also, as computer hardware is getting cheaper everyday just disk space and bandwidth should not be your parameters for choosing the right webhost. Of course, paid webhosts will anytime offer you much more disk space, bandwidth & other features.


image110MB – Best Free Web Hosting Service

I used it for more than a year. I still maintain my account there.

Here are few things to notice:

  • No Ads. Not even text-links! In fact I am there for more than a year and still its ad-free.
  • Nice support which is rare with free webhosts.
  • You will be offered a subdomain. You can register one domain with extra cost! I guess that’s fair too.
  • An affiliate program to give more traffic to your site.
  • Nice uptime. Ever better than some paid hosts out there!

Features – just for sake of mentioning…

  • Disk Space – 5 GB
  • Bandwidth – 300 GB per month
  • PHP, MySQL, One-Click Installer, etc..
  • Complete list is here

Also some function like sendmail and database support costs one time payment of around $5-$10. This small payment is nothing to consider as its just one time.

Business Model…

Yep. You should ask about it! As there are always catches with free things. Anyway don’t worry 110MB is exception.

  • They make money by showing ads in control/admin panel. Note that they show ad to you, not to your visitors!
  • Showing ads on 404 error pages. Its ok for personal as well as small websites.
  • Direct payments made for small upgrades. Like $5 to enable sendmail function.

#Links: 110MB.COM | Features List | My Site (which is not functional now…)


image Dreamhost – Best Paid Web Hosting Service

Yep. Dreamhost is the best webhost and that’s the reason we are using it! Its cheap price was never a catch for me personally as when searching for good paid webbost I was all concern about features and support. In fact I was not aware of promo codes so I missed $97 discount which I could avail that time 🙁

Anyway my thinking was, if you can afford $100 per year what’s the problem with $200 per year! After all worst sites on internet with few hundred hits daily makes more than $200 per annum by using just Google Adsense!


So here comes few things I loved about Dreamhost

  • Really nice and fast support!
  • All features are explained in details with examples at Dreamhost wikis. This means anyone with little knowledge about web based technology can create websites.
  • Nice support forum with large number of active members.
  • Affiliate Program to free your hosting bills.

Features – just for sake of mentioning…

  • Storage: 500GB (+2GB will be added every week)
  • Bandwidth: 5TB (+40GB will be added every week)
  • Free 1-Domain registration. You can register more with any registrar.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases, Web Sites, Email, FTP, User Accounts
  • Complete list of features is here

How to get best DEAL…

  • As Dreamhost supports unlimited user accounts you can share cost of hosting among your friends. We are hosting seven websites here as of now and more will be added soon…
  • Paying for atleast one year. You can pay for 10 years in advance.
  • Using Dreamhost promo codes you can get $50 discount. Thats max you can get. Also if you use DW50 as promo code you will get $50 discount from DreamHost and lifetime free telephonic support by our highly experienced  webmaster team.
  • So just for calculation,  if you are going for 10 years payment then $5.95/month x 12 month x 10 year – $50 discount = $664 for 10 years. Thats $66.4 per annum!

#Links: Dreamhost | Features List | List of Sites we are hosting here

22 replies on “Best Free and Paid Web Hosting Service On Internet! [Review]”

  1. Hi,I followed the advice here, and I got I am happy with them. But I needed a some more features, so I got dreamhost. But unfortunately, I had very bad experience with them. Sites at dreamhost were atleast 5 times slower than Dreamhost must have been good some time in the past. But it is no more.

    Recently I moved to another paid host, and I am happy there.

  2. 110mb seems confusing, they are talking about 30+ autoinstalled scripts but do not allow mysql (unless you pay the fee). It seemsthat if you want the joys of a good host, you have to pay a one time fee of 30$+. Well, do you think that it’s worth it? I am currently with and they have plans for as little as 3$/month (i know it’s more than the one time payment of 110mb;)

    By the way, why did you move to dreamhost then? Do you believe that it’s beter than 1and1?

    Thanks for your posts, keep up the good work!

    1. @ilias
      First sorry for late reply buddy as I was offline on a long vacation…

      Now YES, I believe dreamhost is better than 1and1. In fact its best in SHARED webhosts. While choosing webhost for this blog & other sites/blogs in our network, it took us more than 4 months. We had lots of meetings, emails, phones between our group of geeks as well as with top fellow bloggers we trust!

      Same but not so hard aproach I took 2 years back while going for Its not completely free but the price is nothing to consider about.

      Rest I will write more on webhosting issue soon… Meanwhile feel free to reply anytime! 🙂

  3. actually I had asked you about , which has been said as fastest free php host at present ( as 110mb does not gives sql databases for free ) , so I wanted to ask how much database space does an average wordpress blog consumes, because many free hosts have restrictions on database size.

    1. @Gaurav
      Bytehost looks cool but I never used it.
      About database size it depends on number of posts, etc… 🙂
      But I will always recommend you to go for paid-hosting and own domain name… 🙂

  4. How much SQL databases supported for
    If we pay an upgrade, it will be unlimited.

    But if not, how much databases? 2? 3? Or MySQL isn’t supported?

    Thanks for your attention 🙂


  5. From CP, I go to MySQL tools…
    Then it said:
    “Your account MySQL database is DISABLED.
    Click here to Enable NOW! (Then choose “Turn ON MySQL Database Support” option.)”

    Then there is only upgrade options to pay $9. How to get that one database freely?
    I can’t make PayPal yet…

    Thanks for your attention 🙂


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